(G)I-DLE Member Profile: Soyeon (소연)

Variety Show Appearances

IMPORTANT!!! I have moved to Korea since I created this blog, and I have discovered that many videos – especially ones that are uploaded by fans with English subs – have been blocked on Korean YouTube and other websites.  So unfortunately, I cannot watch most of these videos or verify the links anymore.  This also means I cannot add as many videos as before because they simply are not available in my region.  I’m sorry if you click on something and it’s no longer there, but there’s not really any way for me to check! – Katherine


Though this is technically an M! Countdown performance, this is the song that won one of the missions.

Unpretty Rapstar 3
(언프리티 랩스타 3)
A rap competition show highlighting female rappers. Soyeon competed on the show and ended up as a semifinalist.

Produce 101
(프로듀스 101)
An extremely popular survival show where trainees from various agencies competed to form a girl group (I.O.I). Soyeon made it to the finals and finished in the Top 20.

This is a rap mission done for the “Position Evaluation,” which is the second of three major evaluations done during the show (excluding the performance for the finals).



Marie Claire Korea with Yuqi
January 2021
Other photos and translation of interview highlights here.

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Though I used the Wikipedia page I cited to confirm all of Soyeon’s songwriting and composing credits, I also looked at the track lists in the (G)I-DLE albums I own.

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