TWICE Member Profile: Momo (모모)


Music Video Appearances

“Sweet Dream”
Heechul (Super Junior) and Min Kyunghoon
SM Entertainment
(SM Station Season 1)
NOTE: This was several years before Momo and Heechul started dating.

Variety Show Appearances


Idol School
(아이돌 학교)
Episode 8
A survival show that eventually formed the girl group fromis_9. Momo and Mina appeared to cheer on former Park Jiwon and Natty, who were former JYP trainees and Sixteen contestants.

This clip isn’t subbed, but basically they’re having some kind of quiz where they’re supposed to get words or sayings.

Elementary School Teacher
(生리얼수업 초등학쌤)
A Lunar New Year special where foreign celebrities were paired with elementary school students to better learn Korean. Other cast members were Kangnam, Henry Lau, Amber Liu, The8 (SEVENTEEN), and Ten (NCT).


Finding Momoland
(모모랜드를 찾아서)
Episode 7
The survival show that would eventually result in the formation of girl group Momoland. Momo appeared on an episode to give support to the trainees.

Hit The Stage
Episodes 1-2, 3-4
A dance variety show where idol dancers team up with professional dancers and create themed choreographies.  It’s hard to find the actual episodes online, but both of her performances are on YouTube.

Episodes 1-2 (8th place)
Episode Theme: “Devils”

Episodes 3-4 (5th place)
Episode Theme: “This Love”

NOTE: Mina appears in this video as Momo’s collaborator.

SOURCES: YouTube, Wikipedia*, JYP Entertainment, KBS, MNET, SBS, and SM Entertainment
*I actually looked at the lyrics credits in my TWICE albums, but I also double checked on Wikipedia. 

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