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News Recaps

Every Sunday night (KST), I post a recap of what happened in K-pop throughout the course of the previous week. It includes any important new stories (both in South Korea and in the more global sphere), links to the last week’s releases, a list of the releases in the upcoming week, music show broadcast winners, Top 5 in the Weekly Gaon charts (and occasionally some Billboard stuff), casting information for idols, guests on popular variety shows, and more.

Knee Jerk Reactions and Reviews

This year, I want to create a lot more original content because I was on hiatus for so long. So, I’ve been writing about as many K-pop releases as possible. Many of these take the form of what I call a “Knee Jerk Reaction” post, which is when I watch the music video (and maybe a performance video) and then write a stream-of-consciousness essay about my immediate thoughts and opinions. Occasionally, I will do a full a review and write a more in-depth analysis of every aspect of a release like I used to back in 2017 – however, these posts are sadly few and far in between because of my more hectic work schedule.

Variety Show Recaps

Occasionally, I like to recap variety shows. I did it way back in 2017 with Produce 101 Season 2, and I really enjoyed it. I’m currently two-thirds through recapping Busted, though I’ve had to temporarily put that to the side to keep up with some more regular posts. I also plan to finish my Road to Kingdom recaps and eventually do Kingdom over the next few months.

K-Pop Starter Kit

This is a new series I just started! Over the course of several months (hopefully until the end of the year), I’ll be doing a deep dive into various aspects of the K-pop industry. While my aim is to make a beginner’s guide for new K-pop fans, I hope that it will also prove a helpful resource for anyone who just wants to know more about K-pop!

Group Profiles

Back when I started this blog, I wanted to create really thorough and detailed profiles on some of my favorite groups. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a much bigger undertaking than I had envisioned. As a result, I tend to take breaks from working on them because they’re very time-consuming. (Though I spent most of 2020 rebuilding like 90% of them, so they’re fairly up to date.) I’m focusing more on original content this year, so group profiles are pretty low on the priority list right now. But I’ll try to update them whenever I have the chance!

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