Sites and Sources

I think it’s important to share where I get my news and information from, especially because I often cite articles in my own posts.  I don’t have a huge list at the moment, but I do have various sources that seem to cover my needs for now.

*Omona They Didn’t: This is literally my favorite resource. It’s a Livejournal community that makes all kinds of posts on all sorts of groups and idols.  It has a little bit of everything, and a lot of fans take the time to dig up information about things we might not hear about through the common news sources.

*Soompi: This is my primary news source for anything K-Pop.  I also like their posts, which are pretty neutral and professional (not a lot of gossip or clickbait).  And as someone who doesn’t speak much Korean, I think the translations are pretty good.

*Allkpop and Koreaboo: People who have been in K-Pop for a while will probably say that these websites are trash.  I agree there’s a lot of clickbait and overly gossipy articles, but I would also say that there is accurate information.  Or at least, it corresponds with Soompi.  If you love messy stuff like many K-Pop fans and if you like to get a sense of any upcoming drama, then check here. But take anything you read with a grain of salt.

*Seoul Beats:This website is less news based and more about discussions revolving around K-Pop – namely reviews of albums or title tracks, as well as reflections on aspects of the industry.  While I don’t agree with everything that they write, I really like their articles and the topics that they discuss.

*Translation Sites: Sometimes it’s nice to get a read on what Korean people think of K-Pop news.  There are several websites that translate articles from popular Korean forums such as Pann, Naver, and Instiz.  I started out using K-Pop K-Fans, but now I also go to Netizen Buzz because they post more content more frequently.  Pann Choa is also good and translates different articles from the other sites.  Again, I’d keep an open mind while looking at articles. The translator can translate whatever comments they want, and it might not be a completely accurate read on the situation.

If you’re just kind of looking for general information, the Twitter Accounts @OH_Mes and @theseoulstory translate a lot of article headlines.

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