2021 K-Pop Posts

Hi! This page has links to all of the posts I’ve written about K-pop debuts and comebacks in 2021. You can click the song title to be taken to the specific post. Most of these are what I call “Knee Jerk Reactions,” which are posts about my immediate thoughts on a debut or comeback. I occasionally do full in-depth reviews like I used to several years ago, but I haven’t had many opportunities this year because of my busy schedule. I try to cover as many idols as I can, so I hope you can find something about your favorites here!

1st Quarter

“My Treasure” by TREASURE“Cinema” by CIX“Fireworks (I’m the One)” by ATEEZ
“What I Said” by Victon“Sugar” by Kim Wooseok*“Get Away” by VERIVERY
“HWAA” by (G)I-DLE“Bicycle” by Chungha*“Why Why Why” by iKON
“Stay Young” by AB6IX“Paranoia” by Kang Daniel*“Kick Back” by WayV
“No Diggity” by ONEUS“Don’t Call Me” by SHINee“On the Ground” by Rosé
“My Turn” by CRAVITY“Tail” by Sunmi“I Like You” by Ciipher
“Love So Sweet” by Cherry Bullet“Beautiful Beautiful” by ONF“Ponzoña” by PURPLE KISS
“Burn It” by Golden Child“Do or Not” by Pentagon
“Odd Eye” by Dreamcatcher“Young Blood” by Drippin
“I’m Not Cool” by HyunA“House Party” by Super Junior
“Killa” by MIRAE
“After School” by Weeekly
“Bambi” by Baekhyun
“Unnatural” by Cosmic Girls
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*These three “Knee-Jerk Reactions” are actually all under one post, so I only linked it once.

2nd Quarter

“Like Water” by Wendy“Not the End” by Highlight“Gambler” by Monsta X
“ONE” by ASTRO“Dun Dun Dance” by Oh My Girl“Don’t Fight the Feeling” by EXO
“ASAP” by STAYC“Hot Sauce” by NCT Dream“Lock Down” by EPEX
“Atlantis” by SHINee“Black Mirror” by ONEUS“Alcohol-Free” by TWICE
“Inside Out” by NU’EST“Easy” by WJSN The Black“Bye Bye Bye” by WEi
“Scared” by P1Harmony“We Go” by fromis_9“Vanilla” by LIGHTSUM
“CLOSE” by AB6IX“Ring Ring” by Rocket Punch“Spin Off” by UP10TION
“Drunk-Dazed” by ENHYPEN“Next Level” by aespa“Ribbon” by BamBam
“Ugly Dance” by ONF“Advice” by Taemin“All Your Fault” by Yugyeom
“GRATATA” by HOT ISSUE“Butter” by BTS“Chi Mat Ba Ram” by Brave Girls
“In the Morning” by ITZY“First” by EVERGLOW“Ready for Love” by SEVENTEEN
“Hello” by Joy (Red Velvet)“Make It” by 2PM
“0X1=Love Song” by TXT“Hello Future” by NCT Dream
“PTT (Paint the Town)” by LOONA
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3rd Quarter

“Tear Drop” by SF9“After Midnight” by ASTRO“Talk & Talk” by fromis_9
“Beam Beam” by Jeon Soyeon“Ra Pam Pam” by Golden Child“Stereotype” by STAYC
“Weekend” by Taeyeon“Dumb Dumb” by Jeon Somi“Zombie” by PURPLE KISS
“Permission to Dance” by BTS“You Can’t Sit With Us” by Sunmi“Ping Pong” by HyunA & DAWN
“Rose” by D.O“Holiday Party” by Weeekly“LALISA” by Lisa
“BEcause” by Dreamcatcher“Popping” by ONF
“Thrill Ride” by The Boyz
“Queendom” by Red Velvet
“Wave” by CIX
“Gas Pedal” by CRAVITY
“Thunderous” by Stray Kids
“Trigger” by VERIVERY
“Door” by Kwon Eunbi
“Splash” by MIRAE
“B.T.W” by Jay B (GOT7)
feat. Jay Park
“Outsider” by BTOB
July FavoritesAugust Favorites

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