Knee Jerk Reaction: “Ribbon” by BamBam

When it comes to GOT7, I’ve found 2021 to be a somewhat bittersweet experience so far. I’m genuinely happy the members are all pursuing their own paths, and I truly believe they’ll keep making music together… but it’s still not the same as regularly getting two comebacks a year. Thankfully, now a lot of them starting to release their own music – which personally helps me fill the void. This week, we were lucky to get two GOT7 solo debuts as maknae line BamBam and Yugyeom stepped out on their own. First up is BamBam, who has brought us some fun and happy times with his new song “Ribbon.” While I love all members of GOT7, I’ll admit I don’t always follow their individual activities all that closely. So, I was very curious to see what music he wanted to make as a solo artist.

My immediate impression of “Ribbon” is that it’s super fun and catchy. It’s very chill and laidback, but it also has a fun bright energy. A lot of my fellow GOT7-loving friends have been calling it “cute,” but I personally don’t think that’s quite the right word for it. In my opinion, I believe it’s a little more on the charming and lovable side. I’m also really happy to hear BamBam singing! I know he’s sung before, but I’m quite used to him as a lead rapper – so it all sounds new and exciting to me. It’s such a refreshing change from when he had a rap break or two in most GOT7 title tracks, which are all lovely but have been decidedly more vocal-based in recent years.

Everything about “Ribbon” is just so entertaining. As I so often say, I really like watching the choreography. I appreciate how it’s highly stylized and how it almost looks like a musical number you’d see in a Broadway show. BamBam is a great dancer, and it’s nice to see him take center stage and nail all that fancy footwork. Also, I can clearly tell and his backup dancers clearly having fun throughout the performance, which is great because it’s always wonderful when you know singers are actually enjoying themselves onstage. My favorite part of this debut, however, is the beautiful music video. I personally love bright pastels, so I was living for the sheer amount of blush pink and baby blue in the color palette. Also, that black suit with pink roses is iconic. It’s all very fun and unique, just like BamBam.

Anyone who knows GOT7 knows they’re all quite lively and outgoing, but BamBam has always struck me as someone with a particularly vibrant personality. It’s clear he went to great lengths to show a side of himself that he couldn’t necessarily within a group for his solo debut, and his efforts were 100% successful. I know he wanted to surprise fans by doing something something different from GOT7, but this was honestly pretty much what I’d been expecting. “Ribbon” suits BamBam so well that it really just feels like an extension of him – from the “skrrt skrrts” sprinkled throughout the song to the fun outtakes at the end of the music video.


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One thing I’ve always admired about BamBam is his confidence and how he’s never afraid to be himself. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see that his solo debut is really just a perfect expression of who he is as a singer, an artist, and a person. I’m not sure we’d necessarily have been able to see anything like this had he stayed at JYP, so I’m grateful for how things turned out. Though I’ve spent a long time following the journeys of many K-pop groups and singers, BamBam in particular is an idol who I feel has really grown up over the last five years. I don’t often label myself as a “proud noona fan,” but this is one of those rare times I’m okay with it. I honestly couldn’t be more supportive of his solo endeavors, and I’m so excited to see what he’ll do next.

(“Knee Jerk Reaction” is a column I created to talk about comebacks or debuts when I don’t have a lot of time to write in-depth reviews. A knee jerk reaction is like an automatic response, so it’s a post about my initial thoughts on the song, the music video, and the performance if it’s available. Compared to my reviews, everything is more stream of consciousness and less analytical. And everything is 100% my own opinion!)

SOURCES: Featured image and music video belong to Abyss Company.

2 thoughts on “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Ribbon” by BamBam

  1. Yeah I also don’t think this is cute…. more playful. It surprisingly has quite strong staying power in my head, even if I don’t necessarily love it or choose to play it. I guess it holds its own special appeal – and of course, it’s because we’re all so proud of BB!

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