(Update in Progress – April 2021)

Getting into a group can be a long and involved process. There are always so many places to start, and so many videos to watch.  These profiles are a meant to cover all of (what I think is) important information on a group.  They can either be a starting point for people who want to know more, or a resource for those who want to find everything in one place.

Because I went on hiatus for a while, several of the profiles I made for this blog are fairly outdated. I’ve been reformatting them one at a time, and I’m super close to getting everything updated. Just a few more to go!

Updated Profiles

These are all of the profiles that are currently fully or mostly up to date. Click on the group’s picture to get to the profile.



Monsta X


NCT 127**








NCT Dream**

Wanna One


*The BTS and EXO profiles are only about 75% updated because they’re both such high profile groups with a lot of content. I haven’t updated the Variety Shows and Essential Content pages and the Special Stages pages. I hope to do so in the near future.
**The NCT pages haven’t been completely updated to reflect the NCT 2020 project. This is next on my to-do list, so that should definitely be up soon!

Profiles That Need Updating

Most of these profiles are very out of date – either I made them in 2017 and then never touched them again, or I made minor updates in 2018. In any case, there probably won’t be any information on the group in question from 2019 or 2020. The only exception is BLACKPINK, because I’ve updated their music show wins for “How You Like That.”

You can click on the group’s name to go to the link.

  • Girls’ Generation/SNSD – I definitely haven’t updated this profile since I made it in 2017. I guess that’s not too bad because the group hasn’t made a full comeback since then, but I will (eventually) reformat it to look like the other profiles and add in the members’ individual activities. However, it’s not a priority because there are other groups who are more active.
  • GOT7 – This one I actually tried to update regularly, so it should be accurate up through the end of 2018. This will get an update in the near future since they just made a comeback.
  • Red Velvet – I also updated this one regularly, so it should also be accurate through the end of 2018. I’ll update it whenever their next comeback is.

NOTE: Photos used belong to HYBE/Big Hit Music (BTS), Cube Entertainment ((G)I-DLE), JYP Entertainment (TWICE), Pledis Entertainment (NU’EST), SM Entertainment (All NCT units, SuperM, and EXO), Source Music (GFriend), Starship Entertainment (Monsta X), Swing Entertainment (Wanna One), and YG Entertainment (BLACKPINK).

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