Knee Jerk Reaction: “LALISA” by Lisa

Though there were plenty of delays and typical YG Entertainment shenanigans, Lisa has FINALLY made her solo debut. (I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been waiting for this moment for YEARS.) I love BLACKPINK’s music and I fully support them all, but there’s no question she’s my favorite member. It’s been that way sinceContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “LALISA” by Lisa”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Ping Pong” by HyunA and DAWN

HyunA & DAWN, aka K-pop’s resident power couple, have finally blessed us with a whole mini-album of songs as a duo. We all know they have a TON of chemistry, so it’s kind of thrilling to see that all come together both in music and onstage. (Well, I guess we’ve seen it before when theyContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Ping Pong” by HyunA and DAWN”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “B.T.W” by Jay B feat. Jay Park

(NOTE: This reaction post is a little shorter than normal due to lack of time and personal circumstances.) Jay B is the latest member of GOT7 to drop some new tracks, releasing his first mini album as a soloist under his new label H1GHR Music. Though I love GOT7 as a group and I’ve watchedContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “B.T.W” by Jay B feat. Jay Park”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Door” by Kwon Eunbi

(NOTE: This reaction post is a little shorter than normal due to lack of time and personal circumstances.) When I watched Produce 48 three years ago (!!!), Kwon Eunbi caught my eye almost immediately. She easily became one of my favorites, both as a contestant on the show and as a member of IZ*ONE. She’sContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Door” by Kwon Eunbi”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “You Can’t Sit With Us” by Sunmi

While I don’t listen to K-pop soloists as much as groups, Sunmi is an artist I always keep my eye on. I prefer some of her releases over others, but I’m always impressed by how creative and inventive she can get. And in that respect, her new single “You Can’t Sit With Us” certainly doesn’tContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “You Can’t Sit With Us” by Sunmi”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Dumb Dumb” by Jeon Somi

As some of my regular readers might know, I don’t spend a *ton* of time listening to solo artists. I cover a decent amount of them on my blog, but this is a rather new development that’s part of an effort to expand my horizons. So as a result, I’m not super familiar with Somi’sContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Dumb Dumb” by Jeon Somi”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Rose” by D.O

Now that I’ve wrapped up my K-Pop Starter Kit posts (for the time being), I can finally go back to writing reactions! I know it’s only been like two and a half weeks, but K-pop moves so fast that it feels a lot longer – and I have a whole list of artists I wantContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Rose” by D.O”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Weekend” by Taeyeon

I don’t really follow K-pop soloists as closely as I do K-pop groups, but I always love listening to Taeyeon. And one of the major reasons why is because her discography is so diverse and interesting. Though she certainly has her own unique artistic color and flair, her voice is also versatile enough to suitContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Weekend” by Taeyeon”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Beam Beam” by Jeon Soyeon

(G)I-DLE’s leader and resident composer Jeon Soyeon is the latest female idol to make her solo debut. Well, she’s dropped a few digital singles before… but this is the first time she’s had an official fully-promoted solo release with a mini-album and everything. Plus she’s the first (G)I-DLE member to get one, so it’s allContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Beam Beam” by Jeon Soyeon”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “All Your Fault” by Yugyeom

Yugyeom’s move to AOMG wasn’t that all surprising to me when the news came out. I remember the early days of GOT7 when he would talk about being heavily influenced by Chris Brown hip hop and R&B, so it seemed like a natural progression for him as an artist all these years later. I thoughtContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “All Your Fault” by Yugyeom”