Though BLACKPINK has been around since 2016, they don’t have as big a discography as most other groups that debuted around then. Their B-sides list is rather small, and they also all had a similar vibe up until the release of The Album. Having similar sounding songs isn’t really a problem – at least, it isn’t for me – but it does mean that I would tend to pick just one or two tracks that were slightly more to my personal taste.

Click the title to pull up a YouTube link to the song!


Square Up
(1st mini album)
“See U Later”


Kill This Love
(2nd mini album)
“Kick It”


NOTE: All images belong to YG Entertainment. All audio videos are posted on BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel.
Cover image is a teaser photo for BLACKPINK’s comeback with “Lovesick Girls” and belongs to YG Entertainment.

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