BTS on Billboard: 2017

This is not a complete list – it is as comprehensive as possible, but not complete. There are so many Billboard charts that BTS ranks on these days, and it seems like each ranking comes with a new accomplishment. It’s really a lot for me to keep track of – I’m only one person – so I’ve tried to keep it to the highlights. This page mostly covers popular charts like the Billboard 200, the Hot 100, and several others that K-pop artists don’t typically appear on. (K-pop artists tend to be on anything that is “World” or “Global” all the time – BTS in particular – so I’ve mostly skipped those because there are way too many to note.) BTS set some records in 2017, but I’m not going to mention every single one because they’ve gone on to break them since. If you want further details, you can read the articles I linked in my bullet point lists and/or in the source notes.

BTS’s Billboard Accomplishments in 2017

“DNA” / Love Yourself: Her

NOTE: All Billboard 200 rankings in the chart below refer to Love Yourself: Her (as the chart ranks albums). All Hot 100 rankings refer to “DNA” (as that chart ranks songs).

Billboard 200 Ranking (album)Hot 100 Ranking
Week 1#7#85
Week 2#25#67
Week 3#35#87
Week 4#15#98
Week 5#86

(Love Yourself: Her continued to chart on the Billboard 200, but the Soompi summary articles I use only thoroughly cover up until this point.)

“Mic Drop (Remix)”

(Technically the main time for “Mic Drop (Remix)” on the charts was the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, but I’m going to list it here because the song itself was released in 2017.)

Time on Hot 100Ranking
Week 1#28
Week 2#71
Week 3#79
Week 4No info***
Week 5#82
Week 6#66
Week 7#74
Week 8#79
Week 9#90
Week 10#98

***This part is a little unclear to me. Soompi started summarizing BTS’s Billboard accomplishments every week; but for “DNA,” they skipped from Week 2 to Week 5. So I combed back through the actual Billboard chart online, but that one *also* skips from Week 3 to Week 5. I can’t find any information for Week #4 at all. My guess is that the ranking is either the same as Week 3 or Week 5, but I can’t say for sure.

Year End Chart Rankings (2017)

Billboard 2018 ChartRanking
Top Artists#10
Top Artists – Duo/Group#2
Independent Albums#32 (Love Yourself: Her)
Social 50#1
World Albums#2 (Love Yourself: Her)
#9 (Wings)
#11 (You Never Walk Alone)
World Album Artists#1

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*For “Mic Drop (Remix)”: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
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