BTS Sales and Streaming Achievements: 2019

This is not a complete list – it is as comprehensive as possible, but not complete. Outside of platinum certifications and all-kills, this page mostly covers when BTS ranked #1 on any of Gaon’s weekly or monthly charts, and if they ranked on any year end charts. BTS is frequently on Gaon Chart, but I decided to limit this page to their #1s because otherwise it would be way too long. I also haven’t listed every single number one ranking for the Social Chart because there are a lot of them. Finally, BTS is continually breaking their own records – so I might not always list certain record setting moments if they went on to break them later on.

This list is mostly comprised of BTS’s recent sales and streaming accomplishments in South Korea. There is a separate page for all of their Billboard chart achievements.

“Boy With Luv” / Map of the Soul: Persona

  • “Boy With Luv” received a Perfect All Kill three days after its release, and was also the first Perfect All Kill of 2019.
  • Map of the Soul: Persona was the first album to pass 2 million sales on Hanteo.
  • With Map of the Soul: Persona, BTS was the first group to receive a Triple Million Certification on Gaon (just like how they were the first to get a Million Certification and a Double Million Certification).
  • BTS had the following the results on Gaon Chart during this comeback:
    • April 7 – 13: Triple Crown / #1 album sales, #1 digital download, #1 social chart
    • April 14 – 20***: Quintuple Crown/ #1 album sales, #1 overall digital, #1 digital download, #1 streaming, #1 social chart
    • April 21 – 27: Double Crown / #1 album sales, #1 overall digital
    • April 28 – May 4: Triple Crown / #1 overall digital, #1 streaming, #1 social
    • April Monthly Chart: Double Crown / #1 album sales, #1 digital download
      • It mentions in the same article that BTS recorded the highest amount of monthly sales in Gaon history, although they’ve since surpassed this with Map of the Soul: 7.

***For some reason, Soompi did not do an article of that week’s Gaon Chart results. (At least, not one I could easily find.) The information is correct – I double checked it on Gaon’s website myself – but there’s just no convenient summary to look at like the others.


  • BTS World placed #1 on the album sales chart for the week of June 23 – 29.
  • BTS World also placed #1 on the album sales chart for the month of June.

Other Items of Note:

  • BTS was #1 on the social chart for most of 2019. They had a 22 week streak that was briefly broken (I think by Kang Daniel?), but they were back at #1 right after and started another 22 week streak that lasted until May 2020.
  • BTS had three songs on Gaon’s 2019 year end digital chart:
    • “Boy With Luv” #5
    • “Spring Day” #48 (released in February 2017)
    • “IDOL” #49 (released in August 2018)
  • BTS had eight albums on Gaon’s 2019 year end album sales chart:
    • Map of the Soul: Persona #1
    • BTS World OST #5
    • Love Yourself: Her #13 (released in September 2017)
    • Love Yourself: Answer #14 (released in August 2018)
    • Love Yourself: Tear #15 (released in May 2018)
    • Wings #42 (released in October 2016)
    • The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (released in May 2016)
    • You Never Walk Alone #48 (released in February 2017)

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