Busted S1E2 Recap: Treasure Island

In this episode: The cast meets the mysterious K and the final member of their group, officially forming the team of amateur detectives. They then head to Jeju Island on their very first case, which involves traveling all over the island looking for hidden treasure. However, things take a mysterious turn when a body isContinue reading “Busted S1E2 Recap: Treasure Island”

Busted! S1E1 Recap: Forewarned Murder

Okay, I know Busted! is not *technically* K-pop, but two idols are members of the main cast and several others are guest stars… so I guess I’ll call it “K-pop adjacent.” Plus I love variety shows and I love mystery stories, so this kind of thing is right up my alley. Anyway, the final seasonContinue reading “Busted! S1E1 Recap: Forewarned Murder”