EXO Music Show Wins

(Update in Progress – June 2021)

NOTE: Because EXO is a group with a long career and a lot of accolades, I decided to split up the pages instead of having one with ten subpages. You can read about some of EXO’s major achievements here and awards EXO has won here.

First Win: June 14, 2013 on Music Bank for “Wolf”
50th Win: April 24, 2015 on Music Bank for “Call Me Baby”
100th Win: September 14, 2017 on M! Countdown for “Power” ***
Total Wins: 123 (as of June 18, 2021)
Most Awarded Song: “Call Me Baby” with 18 wins (as of June 2021)
First Triple Crown: September 1, 2013 on Inkigayo for “Growl”
Total Triple Crowns: 17 (as of June 2021)

***According to SM Entertainment, this date is EXO’s 100th win. However, I went through Wikipedia and checked all of their music show wins for each album single – and according to that, their 100th music show win was one of the “Ko Ko Bop” trophies. I’m *guessing* that SM didn’t include wins for songs that EXO didn’t actually perform on music shows, like most of their holiday/winter album songs. But I can’t say for sure, because I got into K-pop and EXO in 2016 (so anything before that is only secondhand information).

The ShowShow ChampionM! CountdownMusic BankMusic CoreInkigayoTotal Wins
Miracles in December131229
The Winter’s Tale112
Call Me Baby13344318
Love Me Right13123111
Sing For You134
For Life11
Ko Ko Bop2323212
Love Shot122
Don’t Fight the Feeling11

SOURCES: It’s hard for me to list sources about something like music wins, because I usually just find out from Twitter or Soompi’s posts and add them here in real time. Or if it’s been a while since I updated, I go to all of a group’s album pages and double check the music show wins listed there. So there are WAY too many tweets/posts/pages to link, but everything can be confirmed by Soompi and/or Wikipedia.
The Soompi article about EXO’s 100th win is here.

The cover image is of EXO after one of their wins for “Obsession” in 2019. I tried really hard to find an original source for it, but it’s not on EXO’s Twitter or Instagram. So I’ll just link the source where I found it, which is a site called The Standom.

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