EXO Television Appearances: 2013

2013 was a long time ago, as far as K-pop is concerned.  However, this is the time when EXO exploded in popularity.  It’s also the time that they were the most active on variety shows and television, so it’s one of the best places to start.  Even if they do look super young and different from now!

*After School Club (Arirang) – A talk show in Korean and English where idols talk about their latest releases, play games, and do fan service and hangouts with international fans.

*A Song For You (KBS), Episodes 1 and 2 – A variety show where idols play games and do missions sent in by fans from around the world.

*Two appearances on Weekly Idol (MBC) – A popular variety show where idols often appear to promote their new title tracks and play games.

First appearance: Promoting “Wolf.”

Second Appearance: Promoting “Growl.”

*Interview for Pops in Seoul (Arirang)

*Three appearances on Immortal Songs (KBS) – A music competition show where noted singers and idols perform covers of a famous singer’s songs.  They appeared twice as a group and once with just Baekhyun and Chen (which you can find in their profiles).

First appearance: Covering Jeon Youngruk (an 80’s singer). Full episode here.

Second appearance: Covering Nam Jin, a 70’s singer.  Full episode here.

*Running Man (SBS), Episodes 171 and 172. A variety show with a fixed cast and guests who complete missions during themed episodes. EXO appears briefly as a mission for the main cast, and they play the most stressful (but most hilarious) game of hide and seek that I’ve ever seen.

*EXO Showtime (MBC) – EXO’s first variety show.  Each episode had a theme and several missions directly related to fan questions in order to get to know the group better.

All of the episodes are good, but I particularly recommend:

Episode 3 – The members are tasked with throwing a surprise birthday party for Chanyeol and getting gifts.  However, he isn’t aware of this.  So they have to go shopping for him while he’s with them, without telling him what it’s for.

Episode 8 – The members decide to carry out New Year’s Resolutions.  Some members go to a dojo to learn martial arts with Tao, while Kai accompanies Sehun to a tea house in order to help him learn how to be calm (LOL).

Episode 10 – The members go bowling, and then are dared to go into a haunted house one or two at a time.

Episode 11 – (My favorite) The members go to karaoke but are put in twelve separate rooms.  In order to get out, they must give the same answer to a question.  Understandably, this gets rough.

*EXO First Box: I’m not quite sure what this is, but I think it’s a special video that comes with their DVD.

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