GFriend Discography

(Updated November 2020)

Number of Promoted Singles: 14
Number of Mini Albums/EPs: 9
Number of Full Albums: 3
Number of Repackage Albums: 1
Number of Special Albums: 1
OSTs (as a group): 3

Foreign Promotions: While GFriend has an active career in Japan, it is not covered by this blog because I am not familiar with their Japanese music (nor the Japanese music industry).


“Glass Bead” (January 15)

Season of Glass
(1st mini album)
Season of Glass and the following two mini albums (Flower Bud and Snowflake) were a planned trilogy that depicted the girls as friends and high school students.

“Me Gustas Tu” (July 23)

Flower Bud
(2nd mini album)


“Rough” (January 25)

(3rd mini album)
This song was incredibly popular in South Korea, propelling to GFriend to stardom and earning them a record breaking 15 music show wins.

“Navillera” (July 11)

(1st full album)


“Fingertip” (March 6)

The Awakening
(4th mini album)

“Summer Rain” (September 13)

(Parallel repackage)

“Love Whisper” (August 1)

(5th mini album)


“Time for the Moon Night” (April 30)

Time for the Moon Night
(6th mini album)

“Sunny Summer” (July 19)

Sunny Summer
(special summer album)
Although this is technically a mini album, it is considered a “special” album and is not counted among the EPs.


“Sunrise” (January 14)

Time for Us
(2nd full album)

“Fever” (July 1)

Fever Season
(7th mini album)


NOTE: In late 2019, Big Hit Entertainment acquired Source Music as one of its sub labels. As a result, GFriend’s music is now considered part of Big Hit Labels along with BTS, TXT, NU’EST, and SEVENTEEN.

“Crossroads” (February 3)

(8th mini album)

“MAGO” (November 9)

回:Walpurgis Night
(3rd full album)

“Apple” (July 13)

回:Song of the Sirens
(9th mini album)


“Letter in My Pocket”
December 9, 2016
Pokemon the Movie XY&Z (Korean version)

“짠 Cheers (ZZAN)”
March 28, 2019
Just One Bite (Naver web drama)

“Wanna Be”
June 26, 2018
What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? (tvN)

SOURCES: Source Music, 1theK (distributor for most MVs before 2020 / “Wanna Be” MV), Big Hit Labels (distributor for MVs made from 2020 on), GENIE MUSIC (“짠 Cheers (ZZAN)” music video), Naver, 포켓몬 공식 채널 Pokémon Korea, Inc., tvN
The featured image is one of the teaser photos for GFriend’s comeback with “MAGO” and belongs to Source Music/Big Hit Labels.

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