(G)I-DLE Discography

(Updated April 2021)

Number of Promoted Singles: 6
Number of Mini Albums/EPs: 3
Number of Single Albums: 1
Number of Digital Singles: 2
OSTs (as a group): 2
Collaborations: 1

Foreign Promotions: (G)I-DLE signed a contract with American label Republic Records and have released several English versions of their songs. They are also active in Japan, but I do not cover Japanese activities on this blog because I’m not familiar with them (or the Japanese music industry in general).


“Latata” (May 2)

I Am
(1st mini album)
(G)I-DLE’s debut song earned them their first music show win.

“한(一)(HANN(Alone))” (August 14)

(1st digital single)


“Senorita” (February 26)

I Made
(2nd mini album)

“Uh Oh” (June 26)

2nd digital single


“Oh My God” (April 6)

I Trust
(3rd mini album)

“DUMDi DUMDi” (August 3)

(1st single album)


“HWAA” (January 11)

I Burn
(4th mini album)


Other Singles and Collaborations

“Young & One”
(June 18, 2018)

This is a song that features all Cube artists, including HyunA ( who was still with Cube at the time), Jo Kwon, BTOB, CLC, Pentagon, Yoo Seonho, and a newly debuted (G)I-DLE.

“I’m the Trend”
(July 7, 2020)

This was a song (G)-IDLE created for their fans and first performed at their online concert.

(November 4, 2019)

This was originally a song (G)I-DLE created for the finale of girl group survival show Queendom.

“HWAA (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mix Remix)”
(February 5, 2021)

This is a remix of the English version of “HWAA.” The original English version is embedded below in a separate section.


“달려! (Relay)”
November 19, 2018
Running Man 2 (animated TV show)

“Help Me”
April 11, 2019
Her Private Life (tvN)


“Oh My God” (English version)

Included on their 3rd mini album I Trust.

“HWAA” (English version)

They also released a Chinese version.

“Latata” (English version)

All music videos belong to Cube Entertainment except for “달려! (Relay)” (provided by RunningMan 런닝맨) and “Help Me” (provided by Stone Music Entertainment. The audio for “Young & One” comes from HyunA’s YouTube channel. (I don’t know why because she’s no longer with Cube, but the whole album is listed under her.)
All album images also belong to Cube Entertainment.
Featured image is from (G)I-DLE’s official Twitter celebrating 10 music wins for “HWAA.” You can see the original tweet here.

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