GOT7 Member Profile: Jackson (잭슨)

(Last updated September 2018)

Real Name: Wang Kayee (Cantonese), Wang Jiaer (王嘉爾 traditional,王嘉尔 simplified) / Korean spelling of “Jackson” – 잭슨
Birthday: March 28, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Aries (Western), Dog (Eastern)
Blood Type: O
From: Hong Kong
Position(s): Main rapper, dancer, face of the group

Jackson in “Never Ever” (2017)

Other Activities Outside of GOT7:

SOLO MUSIC (in English and Chinese):


  • August – Debut single “Papillon”

  • November – “Okay”


  • April – “Dawn of Us”

  • May – “Fendiman”

  • November – “Different Game” featuring Gucci Mane


2014: Featured on Sunmi’s “Frozen in Time” (Sunmi is a former member of Wonder Girls and was a JYP label mate at the time)

2017: “Mood” with Meng Jia, a former member of JYP girl group Miss A


2017MAMA (MNET Asian Music Awards) rap collaboration with Dynamic Duo, Monsta X’s Jooheon, SEVENTEEN’s Vernon, and NCT’s Mark.


2017: “U&I” with JB for The Package



  • Flight Log: Turbulence (2016): “No Jam”
  • Flight Log: Arrival (2017): “Go Higher”
  • 7 for 7 (2017): “Face”

Lyrics and Music:

  • Flight Log: Turbulence (2016): “Boom x3”
  • Flight Log: Arrival (2017): “Shopping Mall” and “Out”

Lyrics, Music, and Arrangement:

  • Present: YOU (2018): “OMW” and “Made It” (solo track)

Jackson helped write lyrics for GOT7 tracks “Just Tonight,” “Moonlight,” “Back to Me,” “Feels Good,” “GOOD,” “Tic Tic Tok,” “Boom x3,” “No Jam,” “Sick,” and “Face.”


2015:  “Shake That Brass” by Amber of f(x)

2016“Shut Up” by The Unnies (for KBS variety show Unnie’s Slam Dunk)


2015-2016: Hosted SBS Inkigayo.


NOTE: Jackson is very active in China, but this profile mostly focuses on his Korean activities.


  • Roommate (SBS), Season 2 / Featuring a bunch of celebrities living in one house, it’s like a PG version of Big Brother that’s less scandalous and more humorous. He won the Newcomer Award at the SBS Entertainment Awards for his appearance.

  • Hitmaker Season 1 (MBC Every1) / This show followed Weekly Idol hosts Jung Hyungdon and Defconn as they created their own boy group.  The other members were Sungjae (BTOB), N (VIXX), and Hyuk (VIXX).

2014-2015: After School Club (Arirang), Episodes 58, 8084, 144, and 167 / A talk show in Korean and English where idols talk about their latest releases, play games, and do fan service and hangouts with international fans.  Besides appearing with GOT7, he and fellow English speaker Mark made several appearances on their own.


  • Happy Together 3 (KBS) /A popular variety talk show where guests tell stories and play games with a fixed panel. Appeared on the Manly Men vs. Chatterboxes Special.

  • Law of the Jungle Nicaragua (SBS), Episodes 178-185 / A show similar to Survivor where celebrities go to tropical locations and try to survive in the wilderness (but there’s no elimination system). Other idols were Minah (Girl’s Day), Hani (EXID), and N (Vixx).

  • Cool Kiz on the Block (KBS), Episode 116 / A sports variety show where a group of celebrities learns a sport and then competes against professional athletes.  Appeared on a swimming special.

  • Problematic Men (tvN), Episode 9 / A talk show where the fixed cast is given a set of clues to discover the identity of their guest, then the group is given a puzzle to solve.


  • Celebrity Bromance (MBigTV) / A web series that highlights the friendships between male celebrities.  Appeared with Monsta X’s Jooheon. (All episodes on Youtube)

  • Weekly Idol (MBC Every1) / A popular variety show where idols often appear to promote their new title tracks and play games. Appeared on variety corner “Idols are the Best” with GFriend’s SinB, Monsta X’s Jooheon, and TWICE’s Dahyun.

He’s also made appearances on other special episodes.  A notable one was when came on on Episode 245 to support his friend Hani (EXID) when she became an MC.  Other guests included Hani’s bandmate Solji, Highlight’s Junhyung, and Sistar’s Bora (the latter two were supporting Super Junior’s Heechul, who was the other new MC).

  • Real Men (MBC) / A reality show where young celebrities get a taste of life to come in the military.  Appeared on the “Friendly Enlisting Special” with BamBam.

  • Where Is My Friend’s Home (JTBC), Episode 55 / Several celebrities (usually affiliated with companion show Abnormal Summit) go to visit one cast member’s homeland in a foreign country.  Appeared on the 12th visit to fellow member BamBam’s native Thailand.


  • Hitmaker (MBC Every1), Season 3 / Made a cameo to visit Jung Hyungdon and Junhyung.

  • Master Key (SBS), Episode 6 / A variety show where guests compete in teams to discover who has a special key.  He appeared with Jinyoung, but they were put on opposite teams.


  • Idol Producer (iQiyi) / A Chinese survival show that is very similar to the popular Korean show Produce 101.  Jackson is one of the rap mentors.  Several of the other mentors are also Chinese K-pop idols: host Lay (Zhang Yixing) is from EXO, dance mentor Cheng Xiao is from WJSN/Cosmic Girls, and dance mentor Kyulkyung (Zhou Jieqong) is a former member of I.O.I and a current member of Pristin.

  • Hot Blood Dance Crew (iQiyi) / A Chinese dance variety show. I don’t actually watch it, but from what I can tell it’s some kind of street dance survival show.  Jackson is a dancer and mentor along with William Chan (singer/actor from Hong Kong), Victoria (f(x)), and Luhan (former member of EXO).

He also hosts and appears regularly on several Chinese variety shows like Go Fridge, Fresh Sunday, and Fighting Man.



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