GOT7 Member Profile: Jinyoung (진영)

(Last updated September 2018)

Real Name: Park Jinyoung (박진영)

  • His original stage name was Jr./Junior because he shares the same name as JYP’s founder, but he changed it in 2016 when he felt it sounded too young.

Birthday: September 22, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Virgo (Western), Dog (Eastern)
Blood Type: O
From: Changwon, South Gyeongsang, South Korea
Position(s): Lead vocalist, lead dancer
Sub-unit: JJ Project (with JB)

Jinyoung in “Fly” (2016)


Other Activities Outside of GOT7:


2010: “Tasty San” by San E

2015: “Feel” by 2 P.M.’s Junho (wait JB’s here too lol), “Speed” by Melody Day



  • SBS Inkigayo Ultra Dance Festival – dance collaboration with Monsta X’s Shownu, SEVENTEEN’s Dino, Romeo’s Hyunkyung, ASTRO’s Rocky, and NCT’s Ten.

  • SBS Gayo Daejun – dance collaboration with Yugyeom, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Oh My Girl’s Yooa, DIA’s Eunjin, NCT’s Ten, and BLACKPINK’s Lisa.













2013: “We are the B” with Kang Sora, 2 A.M.’s Jinwoon, and Kim Jisoo (Dream High 2)


Lyrics and Music:

  • Flight Log: Departure (2016): “Can’t”
  • Flight Log: Turbulence (2016): “Mayday”
  • Flight Log: Arrival (2017): “Paradise”
  • 7 for 7 (2017): “Firework”
  • Eyes on You (2018): “Thank You”
  • Present: YOU (2018): “I am Me” and “My Youth” (solo track)

Jinyoung is credited as the sole lyricist on “Thank You.”


2012Dream High 2 (KBS), supporting role.  About a group of high school students at an art school who dream of being K-Pop stars.  Features other idols like 2 A.M.’s Jinwoon, Sistar’s Hyolyn, and T-ara’s Jiyeon.

2013When a Man Falls in Love (MBC), supporting role. About the complications that ensue when a gangster falls in love.


  • Dream Knight (Youku Tudou), main role. GOT7’s web drama.

  • Beloved Eun-dong (JTBC), supporting role. About an actor who works with his ghostwriter to remember the romance he had twenty years ago.  Jinyoung plays a younger version of the male lead.

2016Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS), supporting role. The love story between a con man and a mermaid both during the Joseon dynasty and in the present. Jinyoung plays the younger version of the male lead.


  • A Stray Goat, lead role. A film about a young man who moves to the countryside and befriends a young woman who is bullied in school.

  • Magic School (Naver/JTBC) / A web drama produced by JYP Pictures.


2015-2016: Hosted M! Countdown with Bambam from 2015-2016.

2017-2018: Hosted SBS Inkigayo with NCT’s Doyoung and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo


2017Master Key (SBS), Episode 4 / A variety show where guests compete in teams to discover who has a special key.  He also appeared on Episode 6 with Jackson.

2018Insolent Housemates (MBC) / A new show where celebrities with extra room in their homes host other celebrities for a short period of time.  Jinyoung and Block B’s P.O. lived with stylist Han Hye Yeon.

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