GOT7 Variety Show Appearances: “A” Era

Approximate Promotion Period: Summer 2014

*Real GOT7, Season 2 (all episodes available on Youtube)

*#hashtag (1theK) / A segment where idols have an interview and talk about hash tags that apply to them.

*Weekly Idol (MBC Every1) / A popular variety show where idols often appear to promote their new title tracks and play games.  This particular episode was a summer special with multiple guests; GOT7 are the first to appear.

*After School Club (Arirang), Episode 77 / A talk show in Korean and English where idols talk about their latest releases, play games, and do fan service and hangouts with international fans.

*Global Request Show: A Song For You 3 (KBS), Episode 2 /  A variety show where idols play games and do missions sent in by fans from around the world.

SOURCES: Youtube, JYP Entertainment, 1theK, Arirang, KBS, MBC Every1

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