GOT7 Variety Show Appearances: Miscellaneous / In the United States


*Starcast / Special broadcast to help promote “Confession Song.” (I don’t count holiday themed comebacks as regular ones)


  • Running Man (SBS): A variety show with a fixed cast and guests who complete missions during themed episodes. They appeared in some capacity on 3 different episodes: 272, 316, and 319 (Mark and Jinyoung only). Episode 272 was a special where the cast had to gather 100 people to play games against 100 athletes.  GOT7 appears, but there’s not that much specifically related to them.  In Episode 316, the cast’s mission is to escape a train on the way to prison.  GOT7 appear in a mission segment as prison guards watching over the casts as they complete their task.
  • Got2Day: A segment where various members appear and talk about random things

  • Weekly Idol (MBC Every1), Episodes 261-263 / Over the summer, GOT7 appeared on their “family” special with BTOB, Gfriend, and labelmate Twice.  *Minor spoilers* They lost a game, and appeared on a later episode to broadcast the penalty.  (Episode 261 is currently unavailable online)

  • Idol Battle Likes (KBS), Episode 3 / A variety show where the idol guests play games, do missions, and interact with fans

2018: (Videos while they were on their world tour in the United States)

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