GOT7 Variety Show Appearances: “Look” Era

Approximate Promotion Period: March 2018

* GOT7 Work Eat Holiday in Jeju Island (V-Live/MBC Music) / GOT7’s latest reality show. The members design and work at a food truck while on vacation in Jeju Island.

Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Episode 3 / Episode 4




* Shooting Sketch for Pops in Seoul (Arirang)


K-Rush (KBS), Season 3 Episode / “Idol Master” segment






*Knowing Brothers (JTBC), Episode 118 / A variety show with a fixed cast of comedians, known for having a classroom setting.  Guests play games and do missions with the fixed cast.  GOT7 appears with Park Jin Young, the founder and face of JYP Entertainment.





*Weekly Idol (MBC Every1), Episode 346 / A popular variety show where idols often appear to promote their new title tracks and play games. (Uploaded by Youtube user ciarast 2)



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