GOT7 Variety Show Appearances: “Never Ever” Era

Approximate Promotion Period: March 2017

*Real GOT7, Season 4 / All episodes available on Youtube

*K Rush (KBS2), Season 1 Episode 4 / A half-Korean half-English show that offers interviews and segments on the latest in Korean culture.

*Ask in a Box (1theK) / A segment where the members answer questions about themselves

*Weekly Idol (MBC Every1), Episode 294 / A popular variety show where idols often appear to promote their new title tracks and play games.

*Show Champion Behind (MBC)

*Show Champion Curtain Talk (MBC)

*After School Club (Arirang), Episode 256 / (Minus Jackson, who is resting for health issues) A talk show in Korean and English where idols talk about their latest releases, play games, and do fan service and hangouts with international fans.

*I Can See Your Voice (MNET), Season 4 Episode 4 / Every week there is a group of contestants, some who are skilled vocalists and some who are tone-deaf.  The invited guest must work with a group of panelists to determine which one each contestant is based on looks and appearances, without ever hearing them sing.

*New Yang Nam Show (MNET) / A show where the guests have a pajama party with the hosts and play games. (I guess their appearance was spread out over a couple of episodes)

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