BLACKPINK Discography

(Updated October 2020)

Number of Promoted Singles: 10
Number of Mini Albums/EPs: 2
Number of Full Albums: 1
Number of Single Albums: 1 (physical), 2 (digital)
Other Collaborations: 2

Foreign Promotions: BLACKPINK also has a very successful career in Japan. However, I do not cover K-pop groups’ Japanese discographies because I am unfamiliar with them (and the Japanese music industry in general).


“Whistle” and “Boombayah” (August 8)

Square One
(1st digital single album)
Although “Boombayah” has proven to be more popular in the long run (at least in terms of music video views), “Whistle” was considered the lead track and won most of the accolades BLACKPINK received that year.
BLACKPINK won their very first music show award for “Whistle” slightly less than two weeks after their debut. They were the fastest girl group to win a music show from debut for a couple of years, until they were passed by IZ*ONE and then ITZY.

“Playing With Fire” and “Stay” (November 1)

Square Two
(2nd digital single album)
“Playing With Fire” was considered the lead track out of the two.


“As If It’s Your Last” (June 22)
As If It’s Your Last
(1st digital single)


“DDU-DU DDU-DU” (June 15)
Square Up
(1st mini album)
“DDU-DDU DDU-DU” is currently the most watched K-pop music video (by a group) on YouTube, and was the first K-pop music video by a group to pass 1 billion views.


“Kill This Love” (April 5)
Kill This Love
(2nd mini album)


“How You Like That” (June 26)

1st pre-release single for The Album

“Lovesick Girls” (October 2)

The Album
(1st full album)

“Ice Cream” with Selena Gomez (August 28)

2nd pre-release single for The Album

Other Singles and Collaborations

“Kiss and Make Up”
(October 19, 2018)

“Sour Candy”
(May 28, 2020)

NOTE: All album cover images and music videos belong to YG Entertainment except for the following two audio videos: “Kiss and Make Up” is on Dua Lipa’s YouTube channel, while “Sour Candy” is on Lady Gaga’s.
Cover image is a teaser photo for BLACKPINK’s comeback with “Lovesick Girls” and belongs to YG Entertainment.

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