My Opinions on BLACKPINK

(Updated October 2020)

I first got into K-pop into 2016, which seems like forever ago (things move fast in this industry!) but is not actually that long compared to some of my other fans. BLACKPINK debuted in that same year, so they’ve always been a part of my K-pop experience. I listen to a lot of girl groups and I love a lot of different concepts, but I’m especially drawn to BLACKPINK.  Though they’re younger than me, I just love their mixture of fierce and girl crush. Their music and choreography is exactly my kind of style. I’m so proud of all the success they’ve had over the past couple of years, and I can’t to see what lies ahead for them.

Also… I wouldn’t call myself a Blink, but I’m literally the only person in my circle who follows BLACKPINK more than casually. All of my friends run kind of hot and cold about them depending on the song, and people don’t seem to like them a lot on UKO. So it’s *super* weird to me that there are literally thousands – probably millions – of BLACKPINK fans all over the world, and none of them are remotely in my K-pop sphere. (Except for all of my elementary school students.) I just find this really amusing

First member I recognized: Jennie

First bias: Lisa

Current bias and why: Still Lisa!  Always has been, always will be. First of all, she is an amazing performer.  Her stage presence and charisma is off the charts. She seems so low-key and even shy during variety shows, but she lights up the stage whenever she performs.  Sometimes you can just tell when someone is truly meant to be a star, and that’s Lisa.  Also, her dancing is phenomenal…  and we all know how I tend to choose dancers as my bias. Another smaller – but no less important – reason I like her is because she’s one of the few Thai idols in an industry of mostly Koreans and other East Asians. Since I have Southeast Asian roots, I find that incredibly inspiring.

Favorite song: I’ve really enjoyed all of BLACKPINK’s songs, but right now I’m having a throwback moment and really enjoying “Whistle.” It’s just so different and unique from the rest of their music, and I think it’s a gem.

Favorite album: The Album. And no, that’s not because they only have one full album to their name. Even though it probably took YEARS for this album to come together, I think it’s really well done. There are the sassy in-your-face type of songs we know and love BLACKPINK for, and there are songs that are fun and different and show us a new side to them. I also think it’s really cool how some songs are mostly Korean, some are mostly English, and some are a mix.

Favorite MV: “Lovesick Girls.” All of BLACKPINK’s music videos are gorgeous and stunning, especially in recent years. So at first, I was inclined to pick one that was intentionally visuals on visuals. But, I cannot get through watching “Lovesick Girls” without bursting into tears… and I’ve seen it so many times! Maybe it’s because I’m single and I’ve been through rough breakups before, but some of those scenes – especially Rosé’s – just really get to me.

Favorite era: I guess it’s not technically an era in the usual sense, but I’ve really been enjoying all of the content BLACKPINK has been releasing this year. It’s kind of helped me get really into them again.

Favorite choreography: “DDU-DU DDU-DU.” It’s just iconic at this point.

Who I think is the best looking: Jisoo. She really does have amazing visuals.  She also has pretty big eyes, and she’s mastered this kind of stare that looks innocent yet piercing at the same time. (Though let’s be real, they are all model status.)

Who I think is the cutest: Jennie actually has a surprising amount of aegyo, given how she’s marketed to be a tough girl.

Favorite singer: Rosé.  Her voice is just so unique and distinctive, and she’s definitely improved a ton over the years.

Favorite rapper: Lisa.  Some people hate those English raps, but I live for them. And I’m mystified how she can get through that one in “Ice Cream,” because I have no idea where she finds time to breathe.

Favorite dancer: Lisa.  Not even a question for me.

NOTE: The cover image is of BLACKPINK at Music Core while promoting “Pretty Savage” and “Lovesick Girls” in October 2020. It was originally posted on their Twitter account, which you can see here.

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