BTS Music Show Wins

(Updated August 2021)

NOTE FROM KATHERINE 12/22/20: Hi, everyone! Since BTS has had so many achievements over the past few years, I have broken them all down into separate pages and sub-pages. This page is now officially just to keep track of BTS’s music show wins.


First Music Show Win: May 5, 2015 on The Show for “I Need U”
Total Music Show Wins: 152 (as of August 15, 2021)
Most Awarded Song: “Dynamite” with 32 wins (as of July 2021)
50th Music Show Win: September 9, 2018 on Inkigayo for “IDOL”
100th Music Show Win: September 13, 2020 on Inkigayo for “Dynamite”
150th Music Show Win: July 30, 2021 on Music Bank for “Permission to Dance”
First Triple Crown: October 13, 2017 on Music Bank for “DNA”
Total Number of Triple Crowns
: 21 (as of August 2021)
Triple Crowns are only counted for the first three consecutive wins. (Some music shows won’t allow an artist to take any more wins after they get a Triple Crown, and some don’t have that limit). So while BTS has more than 3 wins from shows like Music Bank and Music Core, only the first Triple Crown is officially counted.

The ShowShow ChampionM! CountdownMusic BankMusic CoreInkigayoTotal Wins
I Need U21115
Blood Sweat & Tears111216
Spring Day11114
Fake Love1233312
Boy With Luv1179321
Life Goes On639
Permission to Dance22138

*Music Core eliminated its ranking system from 2015 to mid-2017, and they spent some time off the air in fall 2017 due to a strike. This is part of the reason why BTS didn’t have any trophies from this show until 2018.
**BTS is the fourth group to receive over 100 music show wins after Girls’ Generation, EXO, and TWICE. They’re the first group to receive over 150 music show wins.

SOURCE NOTE: While I do check with Wikipedia and Soompi to confirm music show wins, I usually update them in real time when I see the news on Twitter.
Cover Image is of BTS when they won for “ON” on M! Countdown in 2020. I can’t find the original source, but this particular photo came from this Soompi article.

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