BTS Variety Shows and Essential Content

NOTE FROM KATHERINE 12/21/20: This page is in need of a major reformat and will be updated in the near future (when I have some more free time). Thanks for your patience and understanding!

(Last Updated November 2018)

This is a list of various notable variety shows that BTS has appeared on with several or all members (radio broadcasts are not included). This list is by no means complete- they’re mostly videos that I think are a good starting point for getting to know BTS.

Unlike some of my other profiles, I decided to group the videos by year rather than “era.” This is because BTS doesn’t appear on as many variety shows as some other groups (though they were pretty active in their rookie days). It’s probably because they spend most of the year touring, and/or because they produce so much of their own content on V-Live.  Now that they’re spending a lot of time in the United States, they haven’t appeared on any Korean variety shows this year (2018).

None of these videos are mine; they belong to their respective networks or channels. The subs are also not mine.  They are either done by the network itself or a fan.



(If you feel like watching several hundred short clips) BTS Bombs are a bunch of different things: performances, special dance practices, behind the scenes at MV shoots or music shows, etc.  They’re on the BANGTANTV channel and they get updated regularly. And they should have English subs (at least the most recent ones)!


BTS’s documentary show on YouTube Red that shows behind the scenes footage on their tour. The movie version will be release in theaters on November 15.


2013: “No More Dream” and “N.O.”
2014: “Boy in Luv” and “Danger”
2015: “I Need U” and “Run”
2016: “Fire” and “Blood Sweat & Tears”
2017: “Spring Day” and “DNA” (plus US TV Appearances)
2018: “Fake Love” (US Interviews and Television Appearances)



BTS didn’t do appear on any Korean variety shows for this comeback because they promoted it for one week and then started their world tour. So I added some US/UK appearances that they did.

BTS Bon Voyage (V-Live), Season 3 / BTS’s travel reality show that is currently airing on V-Live.  It shows their travels in Malta.  You have to have V-Live Plus to watch it, but a link to the trailer is here.

*Interview at the Grammy Museum

*On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (ABC) – Interview and Fortnite Dance Challenge

*”First Look” with iHeartRadio

*Noisey Questionnaire of Life

*Answering questions for NME

*Interview on the Graham Norton Show (BBC)

*Interview on Lorraine (ITV)

*Taking the “Which Member of BTS Are You?” quiz on Buzzfeed


SOURCES: YouTube*, V-Live, ABC, BBC, Buzzfeed, iHeartRadio, ITV, NME, Noisey

*Grammy Museum interview uploaded on the GRAMMYs YouTube Channel. iHeartRadio clip provided by AskAnythingChat.

Cover Image is of BTS with Jimmy Fallon when they performed “ON” at Grand Central Station in New York City (on The Tonight Show in early 2020). The original image comes from this Billboard article.

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