BTS Variety Show Appearances: 2014

ERAS: “Boy in Luv,” “Just One Day,” “Danger,” “War of Hormone”


Let’s Dance (1theK) for “Boy in Luv”

*After School Club (Arirang), Episode 46 / Promoting “Boy in Luv”

*Beatles Code (MNET), Promoting “Boy in Luv”

*Weekly Idol (MBC), Episode 144 / Promoting “Boy in Luv” and “Just One Day”

*BTS American Hustle Life (MNET) / A series that follows BTS as they travel to L.A., meet and talk with famous American hip hop artists, and film a new version of “Boy in Luv.” I can’t find all of the subbed episodes right now, but the first one is on Dailymotion (user minsuga).

*GO! BTS (MNET America/KCON TV) / Follows BTS while they’re in LA for KCON 2014

*Pops in Seoul (Arirang) for “Danger”

MV Commentary for “Danger”

*After School Club (Arirang), Episode 95 / Promoting “Danger”

*A Song For You 3 (KBS), Episode 12 for “Danger”

*Pops in Seoul (Arirang) for “War of Hormone”

SOURCES: Youtube, Youtube users kookiesgurl and Channel Bangtan, Dailymotion (user minsuga), 1theK, Arirang, KBS, KCON TV, MBC, MNET/M2, MNET America

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