BTS Variety Show Appearances: 2015

ERAS: “I Need U,” “Dope,” “Run”


*Pops in Seoul (Arirang) / Interview for “I Need U”

* #hashtag (1theK) for “I Need U”

*MV Bank Stardust 2 (KBS)

*STARCAST: BTS’ Lucky Draw (Naver)

*After School Club (Arirang), Episode 158 / Promoting “I Need U”

*Weekly Idol (MBC Every1), Episode / Promoting “I Need U”

*Hello Counselor (KBS) / Rap Monster and V

*Pops in Seoul (Arirang) / Interview for “Dope”

*Run! BTS Episodes 1-11 and BTS! Gayo (V-Live), Episodes 1-15 / Run! BTS is a variety show with lots of fun missions and sketches.  BTS! Gayo is variety show games related to K-Pop and Korean music.

*MV Bank Stardust 2 (KBS) / Promoting “Run”

*After School Club (Arirang), Episode 191 / Promoting “Run”

*Weekly Idol (MBC Every1), Episode 229 / Promoting “Run” (uploaded by user kooamour)

SOURCES: Youtube (and user kooamour), Dailymotion, V-Live, 1theK, Arirang, KBS, MBC, Naver

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