BTS Variety Show Appearances: 2017

ERAS: “Spring Day” and “DNA”

NOTE: This section also includes their American TV show appearances


*Idol Arcade (1theK) / Promoting “Spring Day”

*K-Rush Magazine (KBS), Episode 2 / Appear during a special segment on recording for Music Bank (promoting “Spring Day”)

*New Yang Nam Show (MNET), Episode 1 / Promoting “Spring Day”

*Idol Party (TV Chosun), Episode 11 / Promoting “Spring Day”

*Hello Counselor (KBS) / Jin and Jimin promoting “Spring Day”

*Interview with Entertainment Weekly (KBS) at the Billboard Music Awards

*Run! BTS Season 2 (V-Live), Episodes 11-21 / A continuation of their variety series from 2015 with skits and games.

*Bon Voyage! Season 2 (V-Live) / Follows BTS on a trip to Hawaii.  Because it’s on V-Live +, you have to pay to watch it.



*Knowing Brothers (JTBC), Episode 94 / A variety show with a fixed cast of comedians, known for having a classroom setting.  Guests arrive and play games and do missions with the fixed cast.

*Let’s Eat Dinner Together (JTBC), Episode 50 / A show with two famous variety MCs where they travel around areas of South Korea and look to share meals with guest stars and locals. (Jin and Jungkook)

*Please Take Care of My Refrigerator (JTBC), Episode 152 / A cooking variety show where guests reveal the contests of their fridge and judge dishes prepared by the fixed cast of chefs. Jin and Jimin appeared.



*Surprising fans’ moms on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC) / Also performances of “Mic Drop Remix” and unaired performances.

*Playing “Flinch” on The Late Late Show With James Corden (CBS)

*Ellen (NBC)

*On KTLA5 Morning News

*ON With Mario Lopez

*On Air With Ryan Seacrest

*E! Live From the Red Carpet

*Daily Denny on Entertainment Tonight


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