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(Last Updated: September 2018)

Reviews I Have Written On GOT7: “Never Ever” (March 2017) / “You Are” (October 2017 – part of Rapid(ish) Reviews)

Basic Info and Discography
More About the Members
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Basic Info and Discography

Present YOU Album Cover
Image Credit: JYP Entertainment

Agency: JYP Entertainment
Debut Date: January 20, 2014
Name MeaningGOT7 basically just means that they have 7 members, although there are a lot of references to 7 being a lucky number.
ConceptGOT7 has gone through a lot of concepts since debut, but they have their roots in hip hop (or pop/hip hop, if you prefer).  In recent years, they’ve developed an increasingly Western sound and look that’s a little mellower than their previous music.
Greeting: “Come and get it, GOT7!”
Fandom Name: IGOT7 (also pronounced and written as “Ahgase”)
Fandom Color: I don’t think they have an official one, but their lightsticks are green!


(The lightstick is like a bird because “Ahgase” sounds like “baby bird” in Korean)



Most Recent Release: “Lullaby” (September 2018) – Present: YOU, 3rd full album


About the Members

Image Credit: JYP Entertainment

MembersMark, JB, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam, Yugyeom
Age Range: 1993-1997

Click on each member’s picture for a more detailed profile!

Mark JB

Jackson Jinyoung

Youngjae BamBam


More Info

GOT7 Photoshoot
Image Credit: Grazia

Notable Variety Show Appearances

Music Show Wins, Achievements, and Awards

Special Stages and Dance Covers

How I Feel About GOT7

B-Sides I Like


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