GOT7 Discography

(Last updated September 2018)

Number of Promoted Title Tracks: 11
Number of Single Albums: 0
Number of Mini Albums/EPs: 8
Number of Full Albums: 3
Number of Repackages: 1 (Winter version of MAD)
Foreign Promotions: I don’t usually cover foreign activities on this blog, but GOT7 has been promoting in Japan for a couple of years. They promote as 6 members; Jackson no longer does Japanese activities because he has his own individual activities in China (and promoting in all three countries was damaging to his health).

*January – debuted with “Girls Girls Girls” (1st mini album, Got It?)






*June – “A” (2nd mini album, Got Love)




*November – “Stop Stop It” (1st full album, Identity)

*July – “Just Right” (3rd mini album, Just Right) / This is possibly GOT7’s most well-known and most popular song, at least internationally.  It was their first music video to have 100 million views on YouTube, and it’s also the only one that has over 200 million views.





*September – “If You Do” (4th mini album, Mad) / This song was probably the closest GOT7 had to a breakout hit before “Lullaby.” It won their first music show win and triple crown.


*November – “Confession Song” (Mad album repackage)



*March – “Fly” (5th mini album, Flight Log: Departure) / “Fly” and the Flight Log trilogy marked a significant change in GOT7’s signature sound as the members became involved in composing tracks on the albums.

*September – “Hard Carry” (2nd full album, Flight Log: Turbulence)

*March – “Never Ever” (6th mini album, Flight Log: Arrival)

*October – “You Are” (7th mini album, 7 for 7) / This is GOT7’s first title track that was partially written and composed by a member (JB).

*March – “Look” (8th mini album, Eyes on You)

*September – “Lullaby” (3rd full album, Present: YOU)


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