GOT7 Sub-unit: JJ Project

Members: JB, Jinyoung
Debut Date: May 30, 2012

JB and Jinyoung (then using Junior as a stage name) were the first members of GOT7 to enter JYP Entertainment.  In 2012, they debuted as the duo JJ Project.  In addition to their single, they appeared on a couple of dramas together. In 2014, they re-debuted with the rest of GOT7.  They made an official comeback as JJ Project five years later in 2017.  Due to the long gap in between comebacks, their style and aesthetic is noticeably different.


2012: Debut with “Bounce” (1st single album)

2017: “Today, Tomorrow” (1st mini album, Verse 2)

They didn’t have many variety show promotions, but there are playlists of their activities labeled “JJ Diary The Moments” and “JJ Project Album Special VERSE 2” (although I think they’re unsubbed).

Sources: Youtube and JYP Entertainment

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