Group Profile: NCT U (엔시티 유)

“To the world 여긴 NCT! 안녕하세요, NCT U 입니다.”

NCT U debuted in spring 2016 as the first official unit of NCT. Using popular and well-known members of SM Entertainment’s trainee group SM Rookies, NCT U provided a preview of what was to come with NCT 127 and NCT Dream. Since it’s a rotational group, there is no fixed lineup or concept. Because of this, it’s a highly experimental unit that covers lots of different styles of pop music. I generally like to call NCT U the “advance guard” unit, because so far they’ve appeared whenever NCT as a whole has something huge going on (like how they were the first unit to release music in the NCT 2018 project). While NCT U has often taken a backseat to the other fixed NCT units, their experimental aspect was front and center with the release of NCT 2020 Part 1: Resonance. Two different lineups of NCT U promoted double tracks on music shows, with the unit receiving their first ever win for”Make a Wish.”

Basic Information:

  • Agency: SM Entertainment
  • Debut Date: April 9, 2016
  • Name Meaning: “NCT” stands for “Neo Culture Technology.” The “U” stands for “United.”
  • Fandom Name: NCTzen (NCT U shares the same fandom name, color, and light stick with the other NCT units.)

Other NCT U Pages:


Unlike other group profiles I do, the lineup for NCT U changes every time they have a comeback.  So, this page shows the members who are in the current lineup. (While NCT U usually promotes two singles with every comeback, I choose the lineup/song that is getting more attention.) You can learn more about them on the NCT Members page or the other unit profiles (if the member is in another unit). I will also post a page about all of the past NCT U lineups in the near future.

Current Lineup




Xiao Jun




NOTE: Most images used on this page are official NCT U images for teasers, products, or merchandise; those images belong to SM Entertainment.

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