Group Profile: NU’EST (뉴이스트)

“Show Time 뉴이스트 Time!
안녕하세요, urban electro band 뉴이스트입니다.”

Once a little known and struggling group, NU’EST is now one of the most touching success stories of K-pop. They debuted in 2012 as teenagers, and were sent to promote in other Asian countries like Japan during their rookie years – ultimately resulting in difficulties gaining popularity in Korea. The group was on the verge of disbandment after five years, but they collectively decided to compete on the popular survival show Produce 101 (minus Aron, who was recovering from an injury at the time). They saw the show as their last chance, and luckily it paid off. Although Minhyun was ultimately the only one who made it into Wanna One, all four of the participating members were really popular and finished in the Top 20. While Minhyun was promoting with Wanna One, the other members reunited with Aron and continued on as NU’EST W – the “W” meaning “waiting” for their missing member. NU’EST W’s music was very well-received, with their first release earning the group’s very first music show award after over five years. Once Minhyun returned, they went on to win their first music show award as a full group in 2019 – seven years after debut. Now, they are widely known as “reversal icons” and enjoy a steady amount of success in South Korea.

Basic Information

  • Members: JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, Ren
  • Members’ Age Range: Born 1993 (Aron) and 1995 (everyone else)
  • Agency: Pledis Entertainment
  • Debut Date: March 15, 2012
  • Name Meaning: NU’EST is an acronym for “New Establish Style Tempo.” 
  • Twitter: @NUESTNEWS
  • Instagram: @nuest_official (All members but Baekho have their own personal Instagram accounts as well)
  • YouTube Channel: @pledisnuest
  • Fandom Name: L.O.Λ.E. When you simplify NU’EST’s name in Hangul (뉴이스트), it looks like the English word “Love.” (That’s also how you pronounce it.)

NU’EST’s official colors

NU’EST’s official light stick


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Special Stages and Collaborations

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