NU’EST Discography

(Updated May 2020) 

Number of Promoted Singles: 14 (11 as NU’EST, 3 as NU’EST W)
Number of Mini Albums/EPs: 11 (8 as NU’EST, 3 as NU’EST W)
Number of Full Albums: 1
OSTs (as a group): 2

Foreign Promotions: I don’t usually cover foreign activities on this blog, but it’s important to note that NU’EST spent a significant amount of time promoting in Japan before going on Produce 101.  It’s generally believed that this hurt their chances at initial success in Korea, because their management spent so much time focusing on Japan activities during their formative years. Thankfully, everything worked out!


“Face” (March 15)


“Action” (July 11)

(1st mini album)


Hello (여보세요)” (February 13)

여보세요 (Hello)
(2nd mini album)
Four years later, this song would effectively restart NU’EST’s career.  The night after 3 out of 4 members were eliminated on Produce 101, “Hello” climbed to the top of the charts – something rarely seen in an industry so fixated on current music.

“Sleep Talking” (August 22)

Sleep Talking
(3rd mini album)


“Good Bye Bye” (July 9)

(1st full album)


“I’m Bad” (February 27)
2nd digital single

NOTE: NU’EST were not very active in South Korea during this time because, they were promoting overseas in countries like Japan.


“Overcome” (February 16)

Q Is
(4th mini album)

“Love Paint (Every Afternoon)” (August 29)

(5th mini album)

2017 (NU’EST W)

NOTE: In 2017, all of the members except for Aron participated in Produce 101. Minhyun made it into Wanna One and took a hiatus from NU’EST in 2017 and 2018.  The remaining members of NU’EST then released music as NU’EST W until his return in 2019.

“Where You At” (October 10)

(1st mini album)
NU’EST W won their first ever music show prize with this song, over five years after debut.

2018 (NU’EST W)

“Dejavu” (June 25)

Who, You
(2nd mini album)

“Help Me” (November 26)

(3rd mini album)


“Bet Bet” (April 29)

Happily Ever After
(6th mini album)
This comeback earned NU’EST their first music show win as a full five membered group, just over seven years after debut

“Love Me” (October 21)

The Table
(7th mini album)


“I’m in Trouble” (May 11)

The Nocturne
(8th mini album)


“Let Me Out” (as NU’EST W)
December 23, 2017
Hwayugi (tvN)

“And I” (as NU’EST W)
August 26, 2018
Mr. Sunshine (tvN)

NOTE: All NU’EST music videos belong to Pledis Entertainment and, in several cases, are also distributed by 1theK. “Let Me Out” is available on YouTube via CJ E&M Music. “And I” is available on YouTube via Stone Music Entertainment.

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