Red Velvet B-Sides I Like

(Last Updated December 2018)

I think Red Velvet has a really great and diverse discography.  I collect a lot of K-pop albums, but Red Velvet is one of the few groups whose albums I buy with every comeback.  In fact, I actually own all of them! I think that their albums work best when you listen to the whole thing (especially with Perfect Velvet), so there aren’t that many B-sides that I listen to on their own.  But here are some of the ones that I really enjoy! I generally prefer their more upbeat “red” music, but there’s some “velvet” stuff in there too.

The Red (2015)

The Velvet (2016)

Russian Roulette (2016)

Rookie (2017)

The Red Summer (2017)

Perfect Velvet (2017)

Summer Magic (2018)

RBB (2018)

SOURCES: SM Entertainment, YouTube (SMTOWN and Red Velvet’s channel), KBS, MNET

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