Red Velvet Variety Show Appearances: “Red Flavor” Era

Approximate Promotion Period: July 2017

*Red Velvet Level Up Project (reality show on Oksusu)

*Knowing Brothers (JTBC), Episode 84 / A variety show with a fixed cast of comedians, known for having a classroom setting.  Guests play games and do missions with the fixed cast.



*SNL Korea 9 (tvN)

*Hello Counselor (KBS) – Wendy and Joy / A talk show where celebrity guests give people advice based on various situations.




*Fantastic Duo (SBS), Season 2 Episode 17 – Seulgi and Wendy / A singing competition show where contestants can compete to sing with their favorite idol.


*Oppa Thinking (MBC) Episode 11 / A variety show where celebrities make promotional videos and compete to get the most fans on SNS.

*Snowball Project on V-Live


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