Group Profile: SNSD (Girls’ Generation)

Korean Name: Sonyeo Sidae (소녀시대)
Agency: SM Entertainment
Debuted: August 5, 2007
Fandom Name: SONE (It’s pronounced “so one,” meaning they will always be one with their fans)
Fandom Color: Pink

Members: Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona
Former Members: Jessica (2007-2014), Tiffany (2007-2017), Sooyoung (2007-2017), Seohyun (2007-2017)
Age Range: 1989-1991

UPDATE, NOVEMBER 2017: Sooyoung has officially signed as an actress with Echo Media Group, and Seohyun is making her own agency to manage her activities (no word on Tiffany yet, but she seems to be in the US right now).  It is still unclear if the ladies will try to come together for comebacks every once in a while, or if the group is officially down to five members. So although I want the ladies to stay together as much as anyone else, I will refer to Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun as former members unless we hear otherwise. I will not continue to update their profile information with any new activities.

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NOTE: This profile was originally made before these three left SM, which is why I didn’t make one for Jessica.

Sub-Units: TTS (TaeTiSeo), comprised of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun (2012-2017)

Concept: As a ten year group, Girls’ Generation has covered a lot of concepts.  At this point, I would call them feminine (my term for a mix of sexy and cute) or girl crush.

How I Feel About SNSD

Notable Television and Broadcast Appearances

Music Show Wins and Awards

Reviews: “Holiday” and “All Night”

Discography and History: (This only refers to their Korean releases)


*August – Debut with “Into the New World” (Their 1st full album, Girls’ Generation, was released in November)

*November – “Girls’ Generation” and “Kissing You” (1st full album, Girls’ Generation)


*March – “Baby Baby” (Girls’ Generation repackage, Baby Baby)


*January – “Gee” (1st mini album, Gee)

*June – “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” (2nd mini album, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie))


*January – “Oh!” (2nd full album, Oh!)

*March – “Run Devil Run (Oh! repackage, Run Devil Run)

*October – “Hoot” (3rd mini album, Hoot)


*October – “The Boys” (3rd full album, The Boys)


*January – “I Got a Boy,” (4th full album, I Got a Boy)


*February – “Mr. Mr.” (4th mini album, Mr. Mr.) / Jessica departs the group in September


*”Catch Me if You Can” (digital single)

*July – “Party” (pre-release single)

*August – “Lion Heart” and “You Think” (5th full album, Lion Heart)


*August – “Sailing(0805)” (SM Station release to celebrate 9th anniversary, lyrics written by Sooyoung


*August – “Holiday” and “All Night” (6th full album Holiday Night)

NOTE: All music videos are property of SM Entertainment

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