My Opinions on TWICE

(Last updated November 2020)

My feelings about TWICE have changed a lot over the years – for the better! I’ve always enjoyed their music from the beginning, but there was a time around 2017 (about when I started this blog) when I was concerned they’d just keep making comebacks with the same formula forever. They’re so popular that anything they do will be successful, and I was worried that their company would just stick to what worked and wouldn’t give TWICE the opportunity to grow artistically. Thankfully, that hasn’t been the case. TWICE’s songs are as catchy as ever, and it’s clear that they’ve grown a lot in terms of skill and artistry. Now, they’re solidly one of my favorite girl groups.


Have I seen TWICE live? Yes, I have seen them at two multi-group concerts. The first time was at KCON LA after they had released “Dance the Night Away,” and the second was at the SBS concert in Gwangju just after they had released “Fancy.” I’d really love to go to one of their solo concerts; I’m kicking myself for not having gone to TWICELIGHTS in Seoul last year when I had the chance (T_T)

First member I recognized: I’m pretty sure it was Dahyun, and that’s from watching GOT7’s music videos.  I think I saw Nayeon and Sana first (in “Girls Girls Girls” and “A”), but I remember seeing Dahyun in “Stop Stop It” and thinking that she was really pretty.  Not knowing much about K-pop, I thought she was an actress or something. I didn’t realize agencies use trainees for their music videos at the time, so I was shocked when I finally decided to check out TWICE a couple months later and found out she was a member.

First bias: Chaeyoung.  Besides Dahyun, she was the one who drew my attention when I first watched “Like Ooh Ahh.” Her short hair was super flattering, her makeup was on point, and I loved her outfit.  She really stood out.  And she did very well on Sixteen, so I was rooting for her when I watched it through the first time.

Current bias and why: Mina!!! I’m not sure when this happened, but I guess I made this decision while I was watching all of TWICE’s variety shows.  I like that she’s kind of calm and quiet compared to the rest of the group.  I’m super introverted, so sometimes I’m drawn towards idols who are the same.  I don’t have any siblings, but I feel like she’s the type of younger sister I would want to have. Also, she’s ridiculously beautiful and so effortlessly elegant. She radiates class and grace.

Favorite song: If we’re talking more recent songs, I got REALLY into “More & More.” But if we’re going the classic hits route, I’d probably pick “TT.”

Favorite album: Talking musically, I’m actually super impressed with Eyes Wide Open right now. It’s such a change for them, but they pull it off well. Aesthetically, it would be Feel Special.

Favorite MV: “What is Love?” TWICE has done the movie and costumes thing a whole bunch of times, but I really loved the movie choices in this one.  I thought they fit each member’s personalities really well. I also really enjoyed how they all played different characters, even the love interests.

Favorite era: “Feel Special.” There are so many things I loved about it (like those sparkly outfits and aesthetic), but what I really loved was that it showed how they’ve grown and how their music is maturing. The lyrics especially got to me – I always say that I don’t really care about a song’s lyrics, but there’s a lot more emotion and depth in “Feel Special” than in some of their earlier work. And I also got really emotional when I watched the music video, because the lyrics also applied to its story of the members finding each other and providing support for each other – especially pertinent given that Mina was on hiatus for mental health reasons at the time.

Favorite choreography: They have a lot of great ones, but I’m going to go the classic route and stick with “TT.”

Who I think is the best looking: This is hard because I honestly think all of the TWICE members are stunning, but I would say Sana.  Every time I see her, I think that she’s so pretty.  I personally think she consistently looks the best in every comeback (besides Mina, of course).

Who I think is the cutest: Chaeyoung. She started out with a stronger girl crush image, so I didn’t really see it for a while – but she’s so adorable! Her smile is actually the cutest.

Favorite singer: While she’s not the strongest singer in the group, I like her soft vocal tone because it’s different from the other girls and provides a nice contrast.

Favorite rapper: Chaeyoung. I’m not sure why, just personal preference. Though to be perfectly honest, the raps that TWICE’s producers put in their songs are not always necessary.

Favorite dancer: Mina. Momo is definitely stronger and has better technique, but Mina is so graceful and elegant.

NOTE: The cover image is a picture of TWICE celebrating their 5th anniversary and was original posted on TWICE’s Twitter account here.

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