TWICE Discography

(Updated November 2020)

Number of Promoted Singles: 14
Number of Mini Albums/EPs: 9
Number of Full Albums: 2
Number of Repackage Albums: 1
Number of Special Albums: 3
(The special albums are also technically repackages, but it’s just how TWICE chooses to label them.)
Collaborations: 1

Foreign Promotions:
TWICE has a very active career in Japan and is quite popular there, which is to be expected because they have three Japanese members. However, I do not usually cover a K-pop group’s Japanese music and activities because I’m not very familiar with the Japanese music industry.


“Like Ooh Ahh” (October 20)
The Story Begins
(1st mini album)
Debut album and single


“Cheer Up” (April 25)

Page Two
(2nd mini album)
This song is considered TWICE’s breakout hit, propelling them to stardom and earning them their first music show win and triple crown.

“TT” (October 20)

TWICEcoaster: Lane 1
(3rd mini album)


“Knock Knock” (February 20)

TWICEcoaster: Lane 2
(1st special album, TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 repackage)

“Likey” (October 30)

(1st full album)
“Likey” earned TWICE their 50th music show win.

“Signal” (May 15)

(4th mini album)

“Heart Shaker” (December 11)

Merry & Happy
(Christmas themed Twicetagram repackage)


“What is Love?” (April 9)

What is Love?
(5th mini album)

“Yes or Yes” (November 5)

Yes or Yes
(6th mini album)

“Dance the Night Away” (July 9)

Summer Nights
(2nd special album, What is Love? repackage)

“The Best Thing I Ever Did” (December 12)

The Year of Yes
(3rd special album, Yes or Yes repackage)
*Not promoted


“Fancy” (April 22)

Fancy You
(7th mini album)

“Feel Special” (September 23)

Feel Special
(8th mini album)
NOTE: When TWICE made their comeback, Mina was on hiatus for anxiety and mental health reasons. Though she participated in making the album and music video, she did not promote with TWICE on music or variety shows.


“More & More” (June 1)

More & More
(9th mini album)
*”More & More” earned TWICE their 100th music show win.

“I Can’t Stop Me” (October 26)

Eyes Wide Open
(2nd full album)


“I’ll Show You”
TWICE, Bekuh Boom, and Annika Wells
Members: Nayeon, Sana, Jihyo, and Chaeyoung
All Out by K/DA (2020)
K/DA is a virtual pop group starring several characters from the video game League of Legends. (Two members of (G)I-DLE were the original voices of two of the characters.) It’s unclear if the TWICE members are supposed to be voicing a character in K/DA, but they sang on a track dedicated to the character Ahri.

NOTE: All album covers and music videos belong to JYP Entertainment. The cover image is a teaser photo for “I Can’t Stop Me” and also belongs to JYP Entertainment. The concept video for “I’ll Show You” was produced by Riot Games/Riot Music and was posted on League of Legend’s YouTube page.

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