TWICE Music Show Wins

(Updated November 2021)

NOTE: Since TWICE is a very popular group with many different accomplishments, I decided to separate their achievements into separate pages rather than have one page with a bunch of sub-pages. So, this page is now solely for keeping track of TWICE’s music show wins. You can look at the other pages here: Sales and Streaming Achievements, Various Achievements (Billboard, social media, etc.), YouTube Views, and Awards.


First Win: May 5, 2016 on M! Countdown for “Cheer Up”
Total Wins: 119 (as of November 28, 2021)
50th Music Show Win: November 16, 2017 on M! Countdown for “Likey”
100th Music Show Win*: June 12, 2020 on Music Bank for “More & More”
Most Awarded Song: “TT” with 13 wins (as of November 2021)
First Triple Crown: May 26, 2016 on M! Countdown for “Cheer Up”
Total Triple Crowns: 13 (as of November 2021)

The ShowShow ChampionM! CountdownMusic BankMusic CoreInkigayoTotal Wins
Cheer Up35311
Knock Knock112239
Heart Shaker22239
What is Love3222312
Dance the Night Away1123310
Yes or Yes2114
Feel Special22127
More & More212229
I Can’t Stop Me12137
Alcohol Free224

*TWICE is the second girl group to earn 100 music show wins after Girls’ Generation, doing so in June 2020 with “More & More.” They are the third group to accomplish this feat (after Girls’ Generation and EXO), and are one of only four groups who have reached this milestone (the 4th was BTS with the release of “Dynamite”).
**TWICE’s win for “Fancy” on M! Countdown was with a perfect score.

SOURCES: Soompi (1)
While I do check with Wikipedia and Soompi to confirm music show wins, I usually update them in real time when I see the news on Twitter.
Cover Image is of TWICE celebrating their 100th music show win. It was originally posted on TWICE’s Twitter account here.

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