Key WayV Videos

NOTE FROM KATHERINE: This page is a collaborative effort with my friend Jess, who is a big WayV fan and knows more about them than I do. She researched and chose all the videos that she considered to be key/iconic/helpful to those entering the fandom, and I organized and embedded them here. Jess also runs a K-pop and K-Drama blog, which you can check out here.

If you want to watch WayV’s Dream Note videos, you can click here.
If you want to watch WayV’s Rainbow V videos, you can click here.
If you want to watch WayV’s variety show Dream Plan, you can click here.


Page 1: Notable [WayV-Log] Videos (see below)
Page 2: Notable [WayV-ariety] Videos
Page 3: Notable [WayV-ehind] Videos
Page 4: Other Iconic WayV Videos (in Chinese and Korean) and sources

Notable [WayV-Log] Videos

[WayV-Log] is a series of short behind the scenes type of videos where fans can see what the members do in their downtime (often filmed by the members themselves). These were originally uploaded to social media (Twitter and Instagram) for the first six months after WayV debuted, and then they were uploaded directly to WayV’s YouTube channel. The first set of videos has been uploaded to YouTube and subbed by user WayV Subs.

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