Monsta X B-Sides I Like

(Updated November 2020)

I tend to really like dance tracks that go hard, and Monsta X is definitely one of the representative K-pop groups for that. I admit that I mostly prefer their B-sides that have that same style. However, Monsta X has many great songs that explore different sides and different genres – their discography is much more diverse than it might appear!

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(1st mini album)
“No Exit”
“Steal Your Heart”

(2nd mini album)
“Perfect Girl” (self-cam MV)
“Gone Bad” (self-cam MV)


The Clan Part 1: Lost
(3rd mini album)
“Ex Girl” feat. Wheein / Music Bank performance
“Stuck” (MV) / Dance Practice
“Unfair Love” (Self-cam MV)

The Clan Part 2: Guilty
(4th mini album)
“Be Quiet” / Inkigayo Performance
“White Love” (Special clip)



The Connect: Deja Vu
(6th mini album)
“Crazy in Love” / M! Countdown performance
“Special” (Self-cam MV)


Take. 2 We Are Here
(2nd full album, second part)
“Give Me Dat”

Follow – Find You
(7th mini album)
“Monsta Truck” (special video)
“Burn it Up”


SOURCES: Starship Entertainment, KBS, MNET, Monsta X YouTube Channel, SBS, The Ellen Show, The K-POP
The featured image and album cover images are from Starship Entertainment.

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