Monsta X English Discography

(Published June 2020)

After being invited to perform at several US concerts at the end of 2018, Monsta X started to expand their global popularity into the American music industry. Signing with Epic Records, they started to release several English singles and eventually a full album.

NOTE: Since Monsta X has more songs in English than most K-pop groups, I’ve decided to make two pages for their discographies. This page covers everything Monsta X has released in English; if you want to look at their Korean discography, you can go here.


All of the songs listed here (except for “Play it Cool” and “Magnetic”) were eventually included on Monsta X’s English album in 2020.

“Play it Cool” with Steve Aoki (March 28)

The Korean version of this song is on Monsta X’s album Take. 2 We Are Here.

“Love U” (September 20)

“Middle of the Night” (December 7)

“Who Do U Love?” feat. French Montana (June 21)

There’s also a remix version featuring (the producer of the song)

“Someone’s Someone” (October 16)

“Magnetic” with Sebastián Yatra (December 19)


“You Can’t Hold My Heart”

All About Luv
(1st full English album)


SOURCES: YouTube, Epic Records, Monsta X (YouTube channel), Sebastián Yatra (YouTube Channel), Ultra Music (for “Play It Cool”)
Cover Image is a promotional photo for “Middle of the Night.”

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