Monsta X Korean Discography

(Updated November 2020)

NOTE: Since Monsta X has more songs in English than most K-pop groups, I’ve decided to make two pages for their discographies. This page covers everything Monsta X has done and promoted in South Korea; if you want to look at their English language releases, you can go here.

Like many K-pop groups, Monsta X is also fairly active in Japan. However, I have not put any information about those because I don’t really follow K-pop groups’ Japanese activities (nor do I really know anything about the Japanese music industry).

Number of Promoted Singles: 12
Number of Mini Albums/EPs: 8
Number of Full Albums: 3*
Number of Repackage Albums: 1
Other Singles: 3
OSTs (as a group): 5

*Fatal Love is officially listed as Monsta X’s third full album, which would mean that Take. 1 Are You There? and Take. 2 We Are Here are probably considered two halves of one album. (I originally treated them as separate albums and listed Take. 2 We Are Here as the third full album before the release of Fatal Love.)


“Trespass” (May 14 – Debut)

(1st mini album)

“Rush” (September 7)

(2nd mini album)


“All In” (May 18)

The Clan Pt. 1 Lost
(3rd mini album)

“Fighter” (October 4)

The Clan Pt. 2 Guilty
(4th mini album)


“Beautiful” (March 21)

The Clan 2.5 The Final Chapter
(1st full album)

“Dramarama” (November 7)

The Code
(5th mini album)
This comeback earned Monsta X their first music show win.

“Shine Forever” (June 19)

Shine Forever
(The Clan 2.5 repackage)


“Jealousy” (March 26)

The Connect: Dejavu
(6th mini album)

“Shoot Out” (October 22)

Take. 1 Are You There?
(2nd full album, first part)


“Alligator” (February 18)

Take. 2 We Are Here
(2nd full album, second part)

“Follow” (October 28)

Follow: Find You
(7th mini album)

Wonho left the group during promotions for this album. Monsta X has since continued on with six members.


“Fantasia” (May 25)

Fantasia X
(8th mini album)

“Love Killa” (November 3)

Fatal Love
(3rd full album)

Other Singles and Collaborations


Originally a B-side off of Rush, Monsta X performed this song on music shows one month after their initial promotions with “Rush.”

“Do Better” (YTEEN)

Monsta X formed the unit YTEEN by collaborating with some members of fellow Starship group Cosmic Girls (Exy, Seola, Soobin, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao, Yeoreum, Dayoung).

“Pepsi For the Love of It”

Korean version of the Pepsi theme song.


Originally a B-side off of The Clan Pt. 1, Monsta X performed this song on music shows several months after their initial promotions with “All In.”


Special summer single


High-End Crush (Sohu TV/MBN)

High-End Crush was a Korean and Chinese drama which aired in China in 2015 and then in South Korea a few years later.

“Tiger Moth”
Shopping King Louie (MBC)

“My Love”
Hello, Mr. Right  (iQiyi)

Hello, Mr. Right is a Chinese drama, though the song Monsta X released is in Korean.

“Breathe for You”
Monsta X’s Puppy Day (TWO TUCK GOM)

This was for their online variety show.

SOURCES: All YouTube videos on this page belong to Starship Entertainment with the following exceptions:
*”Trespass” belongs to Starship, but was also distributed by 1theK.
*”The Tiger Moth” video is distributed by 1theK.
*Video for “My Love” uploaded by user N.J.Phoenix for KpopLovers Ch.2.
Cover image is a teaser photo for Monsta X’s release of Fatal Love and belongs to Starship Entertainment.

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