Monsta X Variety Shows and Essential Content

(Update in Progress – November 2020)

This is a list of various videos featuring several or all members of Monsta X: short YouTube videos, variety shows, reality shows, etc. (Radio broadcasts are typically not included.) This is not a comprehensive list of every show that Monsta X has ever appeared on or every video they’ve done. They’re mostly videos that I’ve seen, that I find entertaining, and/or that I think are helpful to get to know the group.

IMPORTANT!!! I have moved to Korea since I created this blog, and I have discovered that many videos – especially ones that are uploaded by fans with English subs – have been blocked on Korean YouTube and other websites.  So unfortunately, I cannot watch most of these videos or verify the links anymore.  This also means I cannot add as many videos as before because they simply are not available in my region.  I’m sorry if you click on something and it’s no longer there, but there’s not really any way for me to check! – Katherine

NOTE: None of these videos are mine. They belong to their respective networks or channels. Any subtitles are either done by fans or the television network distributing the show.


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Monsta X’s Korean Promotions
“Trespass” (2015)“Rush” (2015)“All In” (2016)
“Fighter” (2016)“Beautiful” (2017)“Dramarama” (2017)
“Jealousy” (2018)“Shoot Out” (2018)“Alligator” (2019)
“Follow” (2019)“Fantasia” (2020)
Monsta X in the United States
2018 (2nd world tour and return for Jingle Ball)
2019 (3rd world tour and promoting various English singles)
2020 (promoting All About Luv)


Click here to go to a guide on all the reality shows Monsta X has done since debut. It includes:

  • NO.Mercy (2015) – Monsta X’s survival show
  • Deokspatch (2015) – The variety content that aired along with NO.Mercy
  • DeokspatchX (2015) – Aired during “Trespass” promotions
  • DeokspatchX2 (2015) – Aired during “Rush” promotions
  • Monsta X’s Right Now! (2016) – Aired between “Rush” and “All In” promotions (but was probably filmed during “Rush” promotions)
  • Monsta X-Ray (2017) – Aired before “Beautiful” promotions
  • Monsta X-Ray 2 (2017) – Aired between “Shine Forever” and “Dramarama” promotions
  • Monsta X-Ray 3 (2018) – Aired between “Jealousy” and “Shoot Out” promotions
  • Monsta X’s Puppy Day (2019) – Aired between “Alligator” and “Follow” promotions
  • Monsta X’s TWOTUCKBEBE Day (2020) – Aired before “Fantasia” promotions
  • Monsta X’s Glamping (2020) – Started airing during “Fantasia” promotions
  • Monsta X’s Newtroland (2020) – Started airing after “Fantasia” promotions
  • Korean Heritage Travelog with Monsta X (2020) – Aired just before “Love Killa” promotions



케이밥스타 [K-밥 STAR]
Episode 15
A new online variety show hosted by well known comedians Lee Youngja and Kim Sook.  It is a “mukbang” or eating style show for K-pop idols (“밥” is the Korean word for “rice” or “meal”). The hosts and guests talk about their favorite foods and eat a meal together.


Weekly Idol
(주간 아이돌)
MBC Every1
Episode 484 
A popular variety show that shines the spotlight on one or more idol groups every episode.  There are well-known corners that often involve dance challenges or aegyo, but the guests always play games or complete missions to earn prizes.

Weekly Idol fansubbed episodes are blocked in Korea, so I can only link whatever subbed clips I can find on YouTube at this point. This clip is of Monsta X trying to put on pants without using their hands. (I just find stuff like this really entertaining, to be honest.)


Relay Dance
A popular series of dance videos where an idol group performs their latest track standing in a line, with one member dancing at a time.


From Monsta X’s YouTube channel. It’s not subbed yet.


Prison Interview
An escape room type of variety segment where an idol group has to find 15 hidden interview questions and missions.


“MONSTA X Reveal the Best Dancer, Most Fit, Biggest Flirt and More!”

SOURCES (for the videos on this page): YouTube, 케이밥스타 [K-밥 STAR], MBC and MBC Every1, MNET/M2, Seventeen, Starship YouTube Channel
Featured image is from the episode of Kkinness Challenge that Monsta X did on 1theK.

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