My Opinions on GFriend

(Updated November 2020)

Compared to the other groups I cover on this blog, I have a bit of a “hot and cold” relationship with GFriend – specifically, with their music. It’s undeniable that they’re extremely talented in many ways, which is why they’re so beloved. However, their music often just isn’t my style. They have some songs that I really like, some I like a bit, and some that I’m just super ambivalent about. For the past couple years, they’ve always had one comeback I really liked and then one that I didn’t personally click with. So while I do follow them regularly, I’m just not as attached to them as I am to some other groups. That being said, I absolutely LOVED “Apple” and that has definitely made me more reinvested.

Have I seen GFriend live? I saw them once at the Busan One Asia Festival in 2019. They performed “Fever” and “Time for the Moon Night,” so I was really happy because those were my two favorite GFriend songs at the time. Also, I waved at Yerin because being close to idols turns me into an idiot who likes to randomly wave at them and she waved back, so that was a special little moment.

First member I recognized: I actually don’t remember, but I think it was Yerin.

First bias: In the beginning, I really liked Yerin because of her variety sense.  Back then, that was usually what drew me to female idols. I think it was because at that time, girl groups were more marketed to appeal towards male audiences and I found it hard to relate to them. So when I saw female idols who really just let loose on reality shows, I connected to them more.

Current bias and why: I’ve switched my GFriend bias a lot over the years, but I think it would be Sowon. She was very under-appreciated for a while, and I’m really glad that she’s started to have more parts and more of a presence in their title tracks. And “Apple” was SUCH a good fit for her.

Favorite song: “Rough.” It’s been almost 5 years, but it still remains a classic to me. GFriend is extremely good at pouring emotion and sentimentality into their music, and “Rough” is the quintessential example.

Favorite MV: “Time for the Moon Night.” To this day, I cannot watch that music video without tearing up.

Favorite era: “Apple.” In my opinion, everything about “Apple” is perfect. While it didn’t get as much attention as I thought it would (at least in South Korea), I think it was the change that they definitely needed – perhaps not so much commercially, but for them personally and their own artistry.

Favorite style era: I was so in love with the “goddess” style dresses for “Apple,” but I’m also obsessed with the glittery disco outfits for “MAGO.”

Favorite choreography: “Fever.”  GFriend built their reputation on complex choreographies, but I personally feel there was a point in time where their dances were just made to look really difficult without actually being entertaining. I really liked “Fever” because it really matched the overall vibe and musicality of the song.

Who I think is the best looking: They’re all beautiful, but I think Sowon is looking especially model like these days.

Who I think is the cutest: Umji.  Back when I first made this profile, a lot of people would call her ugly and I did NOT understand why. She was always so adorable. And now that she’s older, she’s absolutely stunning. (Though I’m a lot older than her, so I still think she’s cute.

Favorite singer: Eunha.  Yuju is undeniably a really good vocalist, but I prefer Eunha’s vocal tone.  She has a softer and sweeter voice.

Favorite dancer: SinB. She’s definitely the kind of dancer who is good at catching your attention.

NOTE: The featured image is one of the teaser photos for GFriend’s comeback with “MAGO” and belongs to Source Music/Big Hit Labels.

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