My Opinions on (G)I-DLE

(Updated April 2021)

(G)I-DLE is a group that I’ve been really interested in since their debut. I really like how they try out lots of different concepts and that none of their songs sound the same. They have so much potential, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they bring us in the future!

Have I seen them live? I did see them perform at Busan One Asia Festival in 2019 – they performed “Uh Oh” and “Latata.” Unfortunately, I didn’t *actually* see them very well. The standing area I was in was surrounded by the stage, so most of the groups would perform one song on the main stage and then move to the secondary stage which was closer to the rest of the audience. (G)I-DLE was one of the groups that only performed on the secondary one, so I didn’t really see them because I was up by the main stage (T_T). I’m hoping that I can go to one of their concerts in the post COVID-19 era, whenever that is.

First member I recognized: Soyeon, because I was a huge fan of Produce 101 and I was disappointed that she didn’t make it into I.O.I.

First bias: Yuqi.

Current bias and why: Still Yuqi. I know I say this about a lot of female idols who are a lot younger than me, but she reminds me of the little sister I never had. She’s so funny, and she makes me laugh a lot whenever I watch (G)I-DLE’s videos. And I really admire her in a lot of ways – I’m especially impressed by how fluently she speaks Korean and how easily she expresses herself.

Favorite song: “Lion.” Music has the power to move people, and that’s definitely the case with “Lion.” It always makes me super emotional. I actually struggle to watch the music video or any performance of it without tearing up. Of course, that’s partially because the themes of strength and power in the lyrics… but there’s something about the music itself that I can’t quite put into words.

Favorite album: I really enjoy I Burn, and I think all the songs on it are great.

Favorite choreography: I like most of them, but I’m going to go with “DUMDi DUMDi” for now. It’s so much fun, and it reminds me of the kind of dances we used to do in dance class when I was a teenager.

Favorite MV: “Oh My God” is a visual masterpiece. Any description I can give wouldn’t do it justice; I just recommend watching it.

Favorite era: “Hann.” Looking back on my time as a K-pop fan, I’d say that mid-2018 was probably my peak. By that, I mean I felt really immersed into the world of K-pop and the multifandom life. And it was the time that I was most engaged with artists and really invested in their content (and not just their music). “Hann” fell within that time period, and it was a moment when I realized that I really, REALLY liked (G)I-DLE.

Who I think is the best looking: One thing that I really like about (G)I-DLE is that they all have very distinct visuals. Some agencies try to make a group of idols that all have the same kind of look and vibe, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, I think that (G)I-DLE really expresses how you can be beautiful in your own way. Personally, I think they’re all stunning. But, I would say that I always notice Soojin’s looks with every comeback.

Who I think is the cutest: Yuqi. She’s not actually the maknae, but I feel like she definitely acts like it sometimes.

Favorite singer: Yuqi, because I really like her lower voice and deep vocal tone. I also have a lower voice and spent my teenage musical theatre years struggling as the only alto in a sea of sopranos. (Like an actual alto who couldn’t actually comfortably go above high C.) Female K-pop idols often sing in really high ranges – much higher than their actual speaking voices – so I just really appreciate hearing someone who has a deep rich voice.

Favorite rapper: It’s Soyeon by default, because she’s the only rapper of the group. However, I do think that she is a really good rapper and is probably one of the strongest female rappers in the newest generation. (At least by K-pop standards, as I am by no means a rap expert.)

Favorite dancer: They’re all good dancers, but there’s clearly a reason why Soojin is the main dancer. She has so much charisma and confidence onstage, and she never fails to draw my eye.

NOTE: Featured image is from (G)I-DLE’s Twitter account and shows them while they were promoting “DUMDi DUMDi” on Music Core. You can see the original Tweet here.

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