My Opinions on Monsta X

(Updated November 2020)

I. Love. Monsta X.  The multifan in me forgets sometimes since I consume so much K-pop content nowadays, but I really do love them. They were the fourth group that I discovered, and they’ve consistently remained one of my top groups ever since.  Personally, I think they’re the perfect package: excellent music and vocals, charismatic rapping, powerful dancing, stunning looks, and top-notch variety sense. Despite their super macho image, the members all have distinct looks and personalities (and they’re super goofy).  So basically, this is one of those groups where there’s somebody for everyone to like.

Have I seen them in concert? Yes, I saw their Paris concert in 2017 (I even wrote about it here back when I was more active on the blog). It was my first ever solo K-pop concert. But it’s been about three years, so I’d love to see them again because I know they’ve grown so much. They were so popular back then that I literally got the last balcony seats, and my boyfriend at the time had to sit in one of those extra foldout seats that was attached to my chair XD So I can only imagine how much more popular they are now!

First member I recognized: It’s hard to remember, but I’m pretty sure that it was Minhyuk?  I started out watching their debut videos (but not NO.Mercy for some reason), and I think I just recognized him easily because he was the one who was always talking (XD)

First bias: Hyungwon.

Current bias and why: Still Hyungwon.  He basically fits my bias type – a tall pretty boy who excels at dancing.  Visuals are always a factor in K-pop, but his features really get to me because they’re just so unique.  He’s also unexpectedly hilarious, and he makes me laugh all the time with his meme-worthy facial expressions. He’s so relatable.

Favorite song: My favorite song tends to change a lot, but I think it would be “Shoot Out.” It’s just quintessential Monsta X, and it radiates power and strength. (And it’s so darn catchy!)

Favorite album: The Clan Part 2.5 Finale. Usually I pick a group’s more recent album, but this album has a lot of tracks I like. And those songs have a lot of special memories because they performed them at the concert I went to.

Favorite MV: Though all of Monsta X’s music videos are great and visually stunning, I’m going have to stick with “All In.” They gave up on the Clan trilogy’s storyline pretty quickly after this, but I thought it was a really beautiful and poignant narrative.  It also was a little ambiguous about the relationship between the members’ characters, which I thought was quite bold for K-pop at the time (and it still is). “Dramarama” is a close second.

Favorite era: “Beautiful.” I loved everything about it: the song, the dance, the (GORGEOUS) music, the fashion…I was ecstatic when they got their first win for “Dramarama,” but they should have won something for “Beautiful.”

Favorite style era: I REALLY liked the suits they had for “Love Killa” …especially the red ones.

Favorite choreography: “Hero.” Watching their music video for this is basically what got me into them. (And no, it was not because of all the ab flashing.)

Who I think is the best looking: Hyungwon, for reasons already stated.

Who I think is the cutest: I actually don’t think any of them are cute or cutesy? (Even though Jooheon does lots of aegyo, I know)  But I guess I’d pick Minhyuk.

Favorite singer: Kihyun, because I really like his vocal tone.

Favorite rapper: I usually make myself pick, but I can’t this time!  I like IM’s actual voice better because I like his deep tones, but I prefer Jooheon’s flow.

Favorite dancer: I guess now that Wonho is gone (T_T), it would be Shownu. He was always a really good dancer, but he’s also definitely grown and improved a lot over the years.

NOTE: The cover image is of Monsta X in their iconic red suits for “Love Killa”. The original image is from Monsta X’s Twitter account and can be found here.

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