My Opinions on NCT 127

(Updated May 2020)

Though I’ve always considered myself multifandom, I have a HUGE soft spot for NCT 127. They’re one of the few groups that I’d admit I follow much more than casually.  If you catch me in the right mood, I might even call myself an NCTzen. (That might not sound like a big deal, but it is to me because I tend to avoid using fandom names.) I was rather neutral on them in the beginning because I wasn’t the biggest fan of “Fire Truck,” but they shot up to the top of my bias list once “Limitless” came out. By the time “Cherry Bomb” was over, they had officially become my favorite boy group. And their music only gets better and better every year.

Have I seen NCT 127 live? Yes, I have! I saw them at KCON New York back in 2018. Unfortunately, I hardly remember it anymore… most of my KCON NY memories are overshadowed by the one of my unexpected meeting with my ultimate bias. I was supposed to see them at an event in Daegu right before the COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea, so I hope that I’ll be able to go to one of their concerts in the near future!

First member I recognized: Taeyong, just like with NCT U.  They were really pushing him back in 2016 (not that they really ever stopped), so I just tended to notice him more.

First bias: It actually took me a really long time to settle on a bias for NCT 127 (let’s blame the “Fire Truck” outfits).  I was super ambivalent about them, which I find hilarious because it’s pretty much the exact opposite now. I kind of randomly landed on Yuta after watching them on Weekly Idol, but before that I also paid a lot of attention to Taeyong.

Current bias and why: I constantly go between Yuta and Taeyong. Back when I made this profile I picked Yuta, but Taeyong is currently my bias in 2020. To be honest, it’s mostly because of his dancing and stage presence. I tend to choose main or lead dancers as my bias, and I’m always drawn to him whenever I see NCT 127 performing. It’s only my opinion, but I truly think he’s one of the best dancers in K-pop right now. I also find it so fascinating how he’s so charismatic and intense onstage, but so low-key (and almost shy?) in other situations.

Favorite song: “Cherry Bomb.” Everything about that song is and always will be iconic.

Favorite album: I’m really enjoying Neo Zone right now. It has so many interesting and diverse songs, and it really shows off NCT 127’s range.

Favorite MV: “Touch.”  It does seem like an overly cheerful commercial for GAP or laundry detergent or something, but I like that wholesome feel. It showed such a different side of NCT 127 compared to the stuff they normally do. I also love colorful music videos, so I was a huge fan of the aesthetic.

Favorite era: Maybe “Kick It.” I actually stopped watching so many online videos for a time (which is why the blog stalled), but seeing NCT 127’s promotions for “Kick It” reminded me why I find them – and variety – so entertaining. “Kick It” also came out right when South Korea had that huge breakout of COVID-19, so focusing on those promotions and that album helped take my mind off of a difficult time.

Favorite choreography: I love all their choreographies, but right now I really like “Simon Says.” There’s just so much going on, and I love all the details.

Who I think is the best looking: Since I picked Taeyong as my bias, I’ll add some variety and say Yuta.  He is so unbelievably handsome. Most K-pop stars are wildly attractive (meaning that the bar is already pretty high), but I always look at think “How does a face like this exist?” I genuinely think he’s one of the most attractive men in K-pop. That being said, I think all of NCT 127 is super good-looking – which can technically be said of all K-pop groups, but I especially believe it in this case.

Who I think is the cutest: Mark.  I know he’s technically a young adult now, but that nine year age difference between us means I’ll probably see him as a teenager for a very long time.  (Update in 2020: I still do see him as a teenager ^^”’)

Favorite singer: Jaehyun.  Taeil and Doyoung get most of the main vocal lines, but I feel like Jaehyun’s parts always have an impact and show off the rich tone lower tone of his voice.

Favorite rapper: Taeyong.  I just feel like the way he raps is so unique (not necessarily the flow or rhythm, but more the inflections in his voice).

Favorite dancer: Taeyong.  NCT 127 in particular has a lot of strong dancers, but it’s really hard to look anywhere else when Taeyong is in the center.  He just dominates the stage.

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